Corporate Sustainability Rreport

Management process flow

Sustainability issue management process flow

YOKE follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)’s reporting principles while managing sustainability issues taking care of the inclusiveness of stakeholders, traces of sustainability, significance, and integrity during each of the following stages. First of all, by analyzing major issues, major stakeholders indicated in the report are identified; major issues of concern and of influence are verified; and boundaries of information to be disclosed are defined.


Identify Important Stakeholders

A paramount purpose for YOKE to release its Corporate Sustainability Report is the hope to create a communication and response mechanism over sustainability issues with stakeholders. As such, the standard AA1000 SES five constructs were adopted and evaluations were performed by members of the YOKE Group taking part in disclosure of the Sustainability Report in order to define important stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, and contractors.


Collect Sustainability Issues

In order to be able to understand the concerns and anticipations that stakeholders have about sustainability issues of YOKE, the GRI sustainability report principles and properties of the manufacturing sector were referred to and related external information on sustainability reports was collected; the 14-item sustainability issue survey was prepared.


Conduct the Attention Survey

The questionnaires were issued to important stakeholders by the responsible department to conduct the survey; a total of 240 copies of the questionnaires were recovered in order to understand the attention they are paying to respective sustainability issues.


Analyze the Extent of Influence of Sustainability

The attention expressed by important stakeholders was tallied and analyzed and provided to higher-ranking supervisors to help them understand and determine the extent of influence that YOKE has in respective sustainability issues on the economy, environment, and society.


Decide Important Issues to be Disclosed

According to the results of assessments over the attention of important stakeholders and the extent of influence that YOKE has on the economy, environment, and society, the analytical matrix of sustainability issues was prepared and a total of 10 important issues of concern to be disclosed through the current report were determined at the same time.


Match With GRI Substantive Topics

The verified important issues of concern were matched up with topics indicated in the GRI sustainability reporting principles and 16 related items and their 26 relevant disclosure indicators on substantive topics were selected. Meanwhile, according to the impacts that the topics have on YOKE and the upstream and the downstream of the value chain, boundaries for disclosure of information through the current report were defined.


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