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After design and development are completed according to suitable product regulations that are selected reflective of the characteristics of products, offshore energy, construction, material handling, and mining-oriented Grade 80/100 chains, steel wire ropes, and webbing accessories, wire rope terminal sockets, shackles, yellow snatch blocks, and personal safety harness fittings are manufactured; in addition, there are the design, development, and manufacturing of API 8C sheaves for use in drilling and suspension equipment. As is required by regulations, applications are filed with the following certifying bodies to have the mechanical testing (pulling force) completed for products in respective series in order to ensure that products meet regulatory requirements and the needs of customers:

Product Testing

Product safety regulations promoted by related international organizations have always been the focus of attention for YOKE. As such, the Product Development Department maintains optimally interaction with said respective organizations. In addition, there is rigid internal control over the versions of international standards so that the Product Development Department can keep track of related information as soon as the regulations are added or revised. For products in the N series that may be sold directly, 100% of them complete product testing before a customer places the purchase order in order to meet the customer’s needs. For parts and components that are terminal products, however, there is no testing mechanism available as they are sent for testing by the customer after they are assembled in the final product. For the eight series of products, on the other hand, the needs for product qualification are verified according to market sales and customer requirements. Among the 12 major categories, 4 are 100% sent for testing and another 4 are tested reflective of the actual needs of customers. Analysis of the 2017 revenue shows that the 4 major categories that are 100% sent for testing accounted for up to 89% of the 8 series of products and also above 80% over the past 5 years. This indicates that product safety qualification is highly emphasized by customers. In order to ensure safety and protection of users, in addition to related quality management systems, factory qualifications, and product qualifications mentioned above, YOKE has had its products covered by liability insurance, with the insured value up to USD 5 million for more than 10 years, which offers additional protection to the users. No product safety-related events that resulted in an undermined corporate image of YOKE occurred in 2017.

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