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Talent Development

Talent Development and Nourishment at Depth

Talent Development and Nourishment at Depth

YOKE plans educational training for the primary purpose of facilitating implementation of operational strategies in the future. While developing the organization, it is required to consolidate talent cultivation and development. The educational training demand survey is conducted in November each year. With the needs for internal training and external training of respective departments combined, the annual training plan is prepared, with diversified learning proposals available, for the purpose of developing all-around talent. YOKE also offers On the Job Training (OJT) to enhance the professional capabilities of its employees, particularly professional skills for the manufacturing department. Forging, heat treatment, or processing and assembly skills all rely on OJT in order to improve.

Experts Academy

The experts academy offers four major programs and each of the programs is further divided into a “fundamental class” and “advanced class” according to their participants. The fundamental class is required for all staff holding a specialized position while the advanced class is meant for supervisors. The general knowledge program covers educational training for new hires, occupational etiquettes, health workshops, and arts and cultural workshops, among others. The workshops are held to help employees develop diversified hobbies and attend recreational activities so that they can strike a balance between work and daily life. Highlights of the experts academy in 2017 were the CIT project and internal lecturer training under the quality program. For the management program, on the other hand, inter-departmental communications were the primary goal. At the end of each class, participants had to submit a feedback report or give an example of applying what they had learned at work in order to link the training to work. Under the general knowledge program, the paper-cutting expert Shi-Yi Yang was invited to share how to live a good life applying old tricks, and makeup classes were organized to pass down life aesthetics.

Implementation Accomplishments

At the core of 2017 trainings was “the ability to communicate”; they were meant to consolidate intra-and inter-departmental communications combining the 5As, the core values, and to demonstrate highly effective executive power. In addition, efforts continued in terms of developing the management capabilities of supervisors at respective levels and the ongoing Continuous Improvement Project (CIT). NTD 2.07 million was set aside in 2017 to be the educational training budget, a growth of 9.25% from 2016. A total of 268 training classes (external training, internal training, and OJT) were held, involving about 1,035 hours.

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