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2017 Ratio of Fixed Salary Plus Compensation


















Direct Manpower




Compensation Management

As of 2017, YOKE continued to rely on an external salary survey report to keep track of the salary level in the industry, which is an important basis for the adjustment of the internal salary structure and it is expected that the starting salary for the most fundamental staff will be increased from NTD 25,000 to NTD 27,000, effective 2018. As of the end of 2017, the salary level was 1.19 to 1 as compared to the minimum wage of NTD 21,009 required by the Labor Standards Act. The salary level of our staff is above P50 in the industry on average. When calculated according to the basic salary each month for all staff and analyzed by the supervisor, the specialist, and the direct manpower, as far as the salary for specialists is concerned, it was higher among women than among men. Each year, based on the salary level on the market, the commodity price index, and factory information in the industrial park, among others, the margin of increase is set and personal performance is taken into consideration; for those with outstanding performance, their salary will be increased further as an incentive. For the past nearly 5 years, salaries have been adjusted by 2 to 3% on average. In addition, for the retirement fund, each year, the actuary assessment report is prepared according to international accounting principles. If the old system is followed, 2 to 15% of the monthly salary will be set aside as the retirement fund to the exclusive account with the Bank of Taiwan. In 2017, a full amount of retirement fund was set aside. For employees to whom the new system applies, on the other hand, 6% of their monthly salary will be set aside to their personal retirement fund account as required by law.


Free lunch (under the supervision of the Meal Ccommittee), and free dinner for those working overtime; cookies, drinks, candies, and chocolate in the pantry and conference rooms



Safety shoes, uniforms, summer POLO shirts, winter coats, and wool vest

Health workshops, arts and cultural workshops



Family day, sports event, thanksgiving banquets, Mid-Autumn Festival party, year-end party, singing contests, charity concerts

Full-paid 5-day and 7-day maternity leave (not mandated by law)

Annual Leave

Group Insurance

Life insurance NTD 500 thousand, accident insurance NTD 2 million, accident health coverage NTD 20 thousand, and accident hospitalized daily reimbursement (NTD 1200/day)

Annual health examination and additional advanced health examination for employees that have worked for the company for 5 years or its multiples (worth NTD 16,000)

Health Examination

Full-term Gifts

For employees that have worked for the company for 5 years or its multiples, they will receive a gold ring or gold necklace, among other presents and gift money during the year-end party.

For three major festivals, birthdays, weddings, child birth, hospitalization, funerals, and intra-departmental parties

Subsidies From the Welfare Committee

Travel Subsidies

Full subsidies for domestic travel and subsidies worth NTD 10,000 for overseas travel for employees that have worked for the company a year (and half price for their dependents); full subsidies for overseas travel for employees that have worked for the company for 5 years or its multiples.

According to the number of members registered for the society

Subsidies for Societies


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