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Friendly Production

Friendly Process

Forging, welding, heat treatment, and surface processing are primary processes. In 2017, the amount of water consumed totaled 22,424 cubic meters, a decrease of 5,041 cubic meters from 2016. Not many chemicals are used during the processes, either. Salt bath medium (with NaCl and KCl as the main ingredients) is the primary one used. Because of the low amount used and the fact that it can be recycled, it does not give rise to excessive waste water. The waste water generated by the plants enters the pipeline and is sent to the sewage treatment plant of the Taichung Industrial Park to be treated there. The business waste that was outsourced for transport and treatment in 2017 was slag (Code: D2499), the solid matter generated by the salt bath medium at a high temperature with falling chips of raw materials in the furnace). The remainders are waste resources that may be recycled such as iron and aluminum materials, pallets, paper, and plastics. They are cleared and transported and recycled for subsequent usage by qualified contractors. Analysis of the amount of waste iron recycled over the years revealed that the amount in 2016 and onward has significantly dropped compared to before. This clearly shows the accomplishments of the continuous improvement project being promoted. In 2017, however, the switch of production lines and the relatively unstable yield rate of new products, among other factors, resulted in a slight increase in the unit amount recycled. Continuous improvements are needed in the future.

Green Culture

YOKE realizes that consolidation of environmental protection begins with shaping a green culture. As such, green areas in the administrative building are designed and enforced in a way superior to regulatory requirements. In addition, the company adopts hill land in the Taichung Industrial Park to help beautify the surroundings. Within its premises, on the other hand, water-saving devices are added to faucets for water used to support livelihood. The light-out time is centrally controlled for respective office areas through the central air-conditioning system. In addition, there is the inspection mechanism to confirm that lighting has been properly shut down. Kitchen remains collected from the lunch and dinner provided to employees each day are cleared and transported by the contractor to be applied in pig farming. YOKE also promotes classification of waste resources for recycling purposes on its premises and makes sure that each department properly classifies recyclable resources from the trash discarded.

Energy-Saving Accomplishment

The amount of electricity consumed throughout 2017 by YOKE was 8,646,528 kWh, which, when converted to heat (109 joule (GJ)), was 31,128 GJ, an increase of 5,955 GJ from 2016. A main reason for the increase is the growth in revenue of 2017 and the growth in the production volume. The electricity consumption density calculated on the basis of the annual revenue was 13.23 (GJ/NTD million), an increase of 8.13% from 2016. In light of the fact that proper safeguarding should be done as early as when equipment is purchased as it is the best time to promote energy-saving and carbon reduction, YOKE completed its internal equipment and air compressor evaluation in December 2017 and then prepared the new equipment purchase control sheet that includes all newly purchased machines/equipment and air compressors in the procurement process control. All the purchased equipment has to meet at least IE3 or higher specifications of the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS). Up to 4.1% can be saved in terms of energy utilization efficiency. When estimated according to the number of machines purchased over the years, approximately 29,069 kWh of electricity may be saved each year.


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