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Caring for the Minorities

Caring for the Minorities

For more than 30 years since it was founded, YOKE has been adhering to the egoistic and altruistic belief of “giving back to society what is taken from it” during its operations. It offers employees a quality steady workplace and steady profits. In addition, it created the “YOKE Charity Fund” in April 2008. The company is never behind in giving back to society and has devoted itself to promoting education, caring for society, taking care of the community, and enforcing environmental protection. In honor of its corporate social responsibilities, it puts the kindness in giving back to society into action and is leading by example. Besides the above-mentioned scholarships, sponsorships for academic seminars, and one-day volunteering at Taichung Veterans General Hospital, it is also devoted to other charity deeds, such as providing emergency aid to poor families and donating to social welfare organizations. The total amount of donations in 2017 reached around NTD 950 thousand.

In addition, YOKE always has environmental protection in its mind. It answers the belief in loving the Earth by continuing with its landscaping and forestation efforts from inside out and promoting comprehensive greenery and beautification. In 2011, it won second place among competitors from nationwide industrial parks with its outstanding greenery and beautification accomplishment in public facilities that it adopted. The company has also been a long-term supporter of various tree plantation and mountain and soil purification campaigns because it looks at itself as an enterprise that takes care of sustainable business development and environmental protection at the same time. Over the long-term, YOKE has been proactively devoted to fulfillment of its corporate responsibilities in all respects mentioned above in order to become a benchmark fulfiller of corporate social responsibilities in the industry. While creating value for related stakeholders, YOKE never forgets to devote itself to the public interest and its mission in protecting the environment. It hopes that fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities can be even more encompassing so that more diversified value may be created for all stakeholders in the company and more positive developments in society will continue to happen at the same time.


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