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Customer Service

Product sales locations

YOKE mainly provides OEM service for fall protection equipment and accessories (the N series) of the world's major brands and does not sell products under a proprietary brand. As for industrial safety lifting components and accessories (the 8 series), the Company has a sales office set up in Shanghai, China, and sells products under its proprietary brand - “YOKE.” The Company had 93 distributors that distribute products to 48 countries spread across 6 continents in the world in 2018.

Customer Service

YOKE seeks partners around the world for its 8 series of products to help assist in the local distribution and delivery matters through a mutual collaborative relationship so that customers in countries around the world can receive timely services and support. Such partners have been defined by YOKE as part of our worldwide distribution center (WDC). A WDC is not an exclusive distribution sales system as the distributors are not in a hierarchical relationship reflective of the selling prices of products; instead, it is a product distribution model created in order to address the needs of some distributors for picking up goods at a small quantity or a fast speed. With the seamless corporate resource integration system at YOKE and planned production based on inventory management and pre-production time control mechanism, we create forecasts for sales in respective areas and ship the corresponding volume of products to respective WDCs in order to supply to customers at the most desirable speed and price. By integrating WDCs in respective areas, for markets with small demand or with uncertain demand, we facilitate the sharing of resources to help with business growth.

A Field Application Engineering (FAE) team was assembled under the 8 Sales Dept in 2018, with its primary mission involving the education of our distributors on the correct ways of operating YOKE products. Through localized training and communication, distributors were shown the best ways and the most suitable circumstances to use our lifting equipment. The presence of the FAE team not only improves customer service quality and product stability but also enhances distributors' knowledge about YOKE products.

Customer satisfaction

ased on sales volume ranking at the end of 2018, YOKE selected top-30 customers and top-3 new customers from the 8 Sales Dept, top-7 existing customers of each region from the N Sales Dept and all new customers of the year to participate in the satisfaction survey. Customers were surveyed for their satisfaction regarding product quality, accuracy of delivery and service quality. The questionnaires were recovered, analyzed and raised for discussion during monthly quality meetings. In 2018, we sent out a total of 78 copies of customer satisfaction questionnaire (33 copies for the 8 series and 45 copies for the N series). We recovered a total of 55 copies (22 copies for the 8 series and 33 copies for the N series). For 2018, the satisfaction for both existed and new customers have remained at over 90%. Nevertheless, due to rapid expansion in our business, the delay in mold creation for our N series and substantial growth in our distribution of the 8 series, we had to push back delivery dates and that had caused a slight dip in our customer satisfaction. This situation has been rectified in 2018. By continuing to communicate and interact with customers to improve demand forecast precision, we strive to plan our production so that we can shorten our delivery time to achieve win-win for YOKE and our customers.

Complaint handling

YOKE treats customers' complaints with the utmost respect. As soon as the Company receives customer's feedback, the responsible salesperson will raise a Customer Voice (CV) and provide the customer with a preliminary response within 24 hours, while at the same time propose appropriate solutions based on the nature of the complaint. In more severe situations, customers will be asked to send back the disputed item for internal analysis. A review meeting will be held within three (3) days, during which the Quality Assurance Dept will determine the department to be held responsible and report the proposed solution. The salesperson then conveys the message to the customer and confirms the method by which the order is resolved before closing the case. If the defect has affected safety and functionality, a separate Correction Action Report (CAR) will be issued to activate the abnormal quality management process. Once issued, the CAR can only be closed after corrections are proven to have been made and passed review. A total of 40 CVs were raised in 2018, which was 18 cases fewer than that of 2017. We had 9 CARs in 2018, which was 13 cases fewer than that of 2017. All cases have been investigated and resolved to date.

Distributors conference

Through visit at our factories, YOKE is not only able to showcase our technological capabilities and know-how but also brief our distributors on relevant aspects of new product development so that our distributors can become more focused on our products and cognizant of current market trends. We hope that through the routine organization of distributor conferences, we will be able to share valuable business information, foster a stronger partnership with our distributors and strive for better performance.

YOKE hosts regular distributor conferences each year in Taiwan and invites participation from global distributors. The conference held in February 2018 drew the participation of close to 60 distributors from 18 countries.

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