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Product introduction

YOKE mainly produces processed metal supplies

industrial lifting hooks that help ensure operational safety

(industrial lifting components)

fall-proof safety equipment and fittings to ensure the safety of individuals working in high altitude areas
(safety components for fall protection).

Products in the 8 series

With the momentum in growth in the three primary markets, our revenues from the 8 series products have grown steadily over the years. The lifting yellow point series had been our key product for 2018 as it contributed as much as 37.85% of the 8 series’ sales for the entire year, followed by our grade 100 lifting chain fitting. As the grade 100 raw material that we have jointly developed with CSC began to see use in our various products, these products have slowly replaced our original grade 80 series and became the key offerings in YOKE’s 8 series. The submerged arc welding (SAW) section of the manufacturing process for the sheave, in particular, requires a high level of technicality in order to render optimal welding quality and smooth welds. It is also one of our signature products that embodies YOKE’s technological edge.

By purpose

  • Wire rope clip
  • Socket
  • Shackle
  • ROV
  • Angular contact Swivel
  • Swivel hoist hook
  • Yellow snatch block
  • Lifting point
  • Grade 80 lifting chain fitting
  • Grade 100 lifting chain fitting

By field of application

  • Offshore/Marine ship yard
  • Construction
  • Material handling
  • Mining
  • Mold and die
  • Wind energy


N series products

We use the “N series” to denote products in our high altitude operation fall-proof safety equipment and fitting line-up. YOKE’s N series products feature combinations of hardware fittings that focus primarily on personal safety at work and our operations in this area involve the design and OEM for major personal safety and protective gear brand names around the world. With pertinent regulations on high altitude operation fall-proof safety equipment and fitting getting stricter over the years and forecasts on annual growth of 9%, we have seen more instances of customer mergers and acquisitions as our clientele converged and the bigger players growing even dominant. Our key product for the N series in 2018 has been the rope snap rebar hook, accounted for 32.07% of all N series sales for the year. We have also seen the gradual emergence of the SRL OEM market in the last two years, with a 3.08% growth margin in 2018 compared to that of 2017. Although it only constituted 3.21% of the sales for the N series, the market certainly promises more potential for further growth.

Key products

  • Rope snap rebar hook
  • D ring/Buckle/Adjuster
  • Steel/aluminum fittings
  • Carabiner
  • Self retracting lifeline (SRL)

Safety is our first priority and
core CSR value

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