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Protection of Human Rights

YOKE treats its people fairly and respects them. It strictly follows applicable domestic labor laws and regulations by establishing respective management guidelines. It does not force or mandate its people to be devoted to labor and provides all job seekers with fair employment opportunities according to the Employment Service Act. The company does not allow any type of discrimination in the workplace. There are sexual harassment preventive measures in place and offers report channels to ensure a sexual harassment-free workplace for its employees and job seekers.  Employees are empowered to report harassment or abusive treatment or behavior. In addition, we started promoting CSR in December 2018.  By short video and brief overviews, our colleagues would have a better understanding of environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibilities. The company also held compliance training and provide a grievance process.

There is no labor union in YOKE. For our labor-management meetings, there are 5 representatives elected from the labor and the management. In 2018, there were four times of labor-management meetings held. Labor representatives would deliver the opinions collected from all employees and discuss them in the meeting. In the case of major risks encountered during operation, related staff will be notified within the shortest pre-warning period required by laws. Fortunately, no major changes in operation occurred in 2018.

In 2018, our European customer has commissioned an external organization to perform CSR audit at our factory. The auditor offered specific suggestions for improvement on items including the current system on foreign direct employees, their working environment and accommodation. After careful assessment by YOKE, relevant improvements have been made promptly and these include the inclusion of fire safety systems, access control system, installing standpipe and water pump to address the issue of inadequate water pressure for the showers. In addition, managers of Human Resource and Manufacturing will perform a safety and health audit once every two months; once every six months, said managers will accompany responsible occupational safety personnel to the dormitory of foreign workers for a safety and health patrol to ensure accommodation safety for our foreign colleagues. The Company has also started the translation of internal regulation documentations that are of crucial importance to foreign employees. In 2018, there were 31 documentations have been translated. In 2019, we will prepare a work instruction in English tfor all foreign workers and the contents will cover the Company regulations on safety, attendance and grievance. Ultimately, we held morning meetings for foreign employees to brief safety, work regulations or company news.Other improvements include offering domestic travel benefits and English salary slip for foreign employees, starting from January 2019. As far as YOKE is concerned, all employees, regardless of nationalities, are partners that create business value for the Company. We are working on opportunities for making our workplace better and ensuring our foreign employees are entitled to equal rights.

the retention rate

Parental Leave

For parental leave, in the past 5 years, there were 2 employees applied in 2018. 4 out of 5 employees (80%) returned to work. All of the 6 employees that returned to work in 2017 were still in service for more than one year.

Year 2015 2016 2017 2018
Gender Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male
No. of employees qualified for unpaid parental leave (A) 13 17 14 24 19 27 21 24
No. of employees applied for unpaid parental leave (B) 5 0 3 2 6 2 2 0
No. of people expected to be reinstated in the current year (C) 4 - 3 1 4 3 5 -
Actual No. of reinstated employees (D) 2 - 2 1 4 2 4 -
Number of reinstated employees who remained employed 12 months later (E) 1 - 1 - 2 1 4 2
Percentage of employees reinstated from unpaid leave (D/C)
50% N/A 67% 100% 100%
67% 80% N/A
Percentage of employees retained for one year after reinstatement (E)/previous year (D) 100% N/A 50% N/A 100% 100% 100% 100%

Safe Workplace

Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, YOKE makes occupational safety and health management plan every year following PDCA lifecycle to prevent occupational incidents. The Company develope and implement occupational safety and health management system in accordance with the Taiwan Occupational Safety & Health Management System (TOSHMS) in 2017  to monitor topics associated with occupational safety and health. To ensure more effective implementation and better performance in occupational safety and health, we will implement ISO 45001:2018 occupational health and safety management system and will complete verification in June 2019.

Presently, there are 11 members (excluding factory nurse and designated occupational safety personnel) representing the management on the Occupational Safety and Health Committee and 8 members as labor representatives (constituting 42.11% of the committee members). Currently, the CEO serves as the chairman of the Committee, with a term of two years. The Committee meets once a quarter to keep track of the annual occupational safety and health management plan, to reflect upon training efficacy, and to discuss respective safety and health proposals and occupational hazards investigation reports to ensure all non-conformities are improved. In addition, the user shall apply for construction and provide safety regulation before contractors entering our factory. Statistics of our occupational injuries and attendance in the past 5 years are shown in the images as shown. There had been no incident of occupational illnesses and deaths due to occupational injuries. Analyzing the cause for the increase in absentee rate in 2018, despite the improvements in occupational injury frequency (FR) and severity rate (SR), as one employee became involved in a traffic accident and applied for 500 hours of occupational injury leave (traffic accidents do not count towards FR or SR), we have already launched relevant disseminations on traffic accidents in the hopes of reducing the risk of traffic accidents.

Healthy Workplace

We provided medical checkups for employees every year. In 2018, there were 374 employees shall participate in medical checkups. except for four pregnant employees and two employees who had to postpone their check-up due to conflict schedules, there were 368 employees took part in the check-up. We also provide 124 employees special checkups for those who work at the noise, dust, and high temperatures area. For staff found with hearing issues, their earplugs have been replaced with headsets and their conditions would be followed-up with and receive health education. Should their hearing be found to deteriorate after the following checkup, the Company would assist them in transferring to different works.medical checkups
According to specific regulations governing standard medical checkup items for workers, the result of medical checkup shall be grouped into three classes by the professional nurse. For employees with results in Class 2, they are required to receive health advice via mail or individual health education. Those with results in Class 3 category will be required to receive medical treatment immediately with monthly follow-up and review for job rotation.
Medical checkups for employees involved in special operations with specific potential hazards shall be managed in four different classes as required by law by professional nurse. Class 1 is normal; Class 2 requires health education and the contents can be delivered verbally, via email or through health education leaflet for employees to peruse. Class 3 requires the employee in question to visit a medical specialist to follow-up on the results for an accurate classification. In 2018, we had two employees placed in Class 4 for noise hazards and after comparing the outcomes of their medical checkups from the previous year, neither had shown signs of further deterioration in hearing.
In addition, with regard to the workload and mental health of employees, they are asked to complete a scale to facilitate analysis. The survey was done for 320 employees in 2018 and results are divided into optimal, mild, moderate, and severe. For employees whose results are determined to be severe, counseling sessions are arranged for them with the doctor based at the factory in order to confirm whether it is necessary to regulate or adjust their job. After that, the doctor’s advice is provided to the Human Resource Dept for evaluation and adjustment, if necessary. For employees suffering from excessive stress, we have planned specific weight-loss and yoga classes to help them alleviate their stress and feeling of burden. For employees who require further assistance, we would refer them to the Company’s employee assistance program (EAP) for more personalized assistance.
In 2018, we offered aerobic courses and “Best Luck with Pregnancy” program that attracted the participation of close to 1500 people. We also organized seminars on how to read and interpret the results of health-checkup, prevention of illegal infringement and occupational injuries/illnesses in the hopes of helping our employees to strike a healthy balance between their physical and mental well-being in the working environment. In addition, we have called on 260 of our employees and their families to take part in our road run event. Some of our foreign colleagues also took part in the event and two months prior to the actual run, we organized three specific trainings on physical exercise protection, running posture training and actual running exercises so that all participants can be equipped with the proper concepts and knowledge for running and be protected from unwanted sports injuries. For infectious diseases such as measles, dengue fever and influenza, the Company has also launched relevant health education to reduce the likelihood of outbreak for these diseases.

Happy Workplace

YOKE believes that there is no greater asset to the Company other than the physical well-being and health of its employees. Besides the 160 pings (1 ping = 3.305785 m2) fitness room on the second floor of the administrative building, 60 units of equipment for various types of physical training have been purchased for employees to use free of charge after work. YOKE also perceives the families of its employees as its important partners. Therefore, the families are invited each year to have fun together, including domestic travel, a family day, and a sports event, among others. In 2016, the families were invited to take part in the year-end-party of the company and such practice will continue in the future. In addition, efforts are made to enhance the appreciation its employees have towards the arts. Starting in 2014, employees received free tickets to concerts on a yearly basis and have been encouraged to take part in them as they help relieve stress from work.
To help employees stay in great health and reach a healthy balance between their work and life, the company started its planning of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in 2017 and examined internal hardware and related facilities of YOKE as far as the working environment and safety and health are concerned under the advice of external professional teachers. In terms of employee mental health and assistance in life, the Company has also planned the supervisor sensitivity training courses and employee care program. In addition, we also assessed the feasibility of having a psychological counselor onsite. After a year of internal/external resource pooling, we started with the collection of relevant external information and compiled them for internal promotion. At the same time, we also integrated relevant departments with existing implementations on employee care and officially launched our EAP solution in 2018 by offering relevant consultation and counseling services.
With the assistance of physician onsite, YOKE implemented its Maternal Protection Plan to help female employees in pregnancy and those who had just given birth within a year to identify and access potential hazards and risks. In 2018, a total of 8 employees consulted the onsite physician to verify that their job description, working environment and personal health status posed no threats to the health of themselves/their babies. With the results of their medical checkups in Class 1, they did not need for work adjustment/transfer. In addition, as a gesture of thoughtfulness and consideration for employees in pregnancy, we have designated priority parking spaces for pregnant employees in 2018 in order to reduce their walking distance as they make their way from the car park to the office. For employees with young children below the age for elementary education, YOKE has also entered special contracts with selected nursing and daycare centers to help employees in their selection of daycare facilities along with special discounts.


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