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Overview of Manpower


As of the end of 2018, YOKE has 423 full-time employees on its payroll; 7 outsourced personnel from our contractors, making a total of 430 employees working on our premises. We currently have 150 full-time female employees (35.46% of all full-time employees), which is not significantly different from the ratio in the preceding 5 years. As far as age is concerned, 271 (64.07%) fall in the 31 to 50-year-old group in 2018 - a slight increase by 1.19% from 2017. The change in employees in other age groups is negligible and not significant. By category, gender analysis of the 2018 in-service staff revealed that due to the fact that more strenuous tasks occur in the workplace of the factory, the Company has hired 211 male direct employees (78.73% of all full-time employees). In terms of specialists, on the other hand, women accounted for 74.42%, with 42.03% of our managers being female.

In addition, YOKE established its Factory 2 on Gongyequ 3rd Road of the Taichung Industrial Park in 2017 and moved its assembly lines from the existing factory to the new facilities. As of the end of 2018, there were a total of 40 full-time employees. Installation and testing of machinery at the aluminum forging factory in Chuansing Industrial Park in Changhua County have been completed in December 2018 and the Company is scheduled to move to the new facilities in January 2019 to commence the pilot production of aluminum processing along with an expansion of production lines to take place in 2019 as well.

During summer vacation, YOKE will launch its summer internship program for undergraduate and graduate students by periodically recruiting interested students from relevant departments. During high seasons, 1 to 3 work-study students will be added to meet departmental demand and to help with departmental administrative tasks; these interns typically stay at YOKE for 2 to 3 months. YOKE did not have contractors or hourly-rate staff as of the end of 2018; all employees were full-time staff. Janitorial work, horticulture, and main entrance security at YOKE have been outsourced to professional subcontractors. The number of our external staff has remained steady since 2012, including one housekeeper (female), two security guards (male), and one gardener (male). Due to the inauguration of our new factory in 2018, we have hired an additional housekeeper (female) and two security guards (male).


Number of New Hires Over the Years (by job grade and gender)

Number of New Hires Over the Years (by job grade and age)

A portion of our direct employees are foreign workers and as of 2018, we have hired a total of 96 foreign workers. Among our indirect personnel, we have a senior manager of British nationality and 1 Chinese R&D personnel. Foreign employees constitute approximately 23.17% of our total full-time employee pool. With regard to senior managers, we have maintained our ratio of local employment at 87.50%. In terms of academic credentials, 47.28% of our employees have an undergraduate degree or higher qualifications. The primary reason for the increase in our employees with an educational background of senior high school/vocational school and below is attributed to the increase in our direct employees.

Note: Senior managers refer to assistant vice president/factory director and above; mid-level managers refer to employees of manager/deputy manager grade, Technical Manager and above; entry-level managers include section chief, head engineer/administrator, and sr. engineer/administrator; specialists include engineers/administrators of other grades; direct employees refer to production line workers

Overview of New Hires and Resignations

In 2018, there were 123 newly hired employees; among them, 28 are women (6.62% of all full-time employees) and the remaining 95 are men (22.46% of all full-time employees). 66 (15.60% of all full-time employees) of them are under the age of 30. In 2018, 99 employees resigned and left the Company. Among them, 29 are women (6.86% of all full-time employees) and the remaining 70 are men (16.55% of all full-time employees). 55 (13.00% of all full-time employees) of them fall between the ages of 31-50.

In order to improve upon the turnover rate for new employees who have come to the Company for less than a year, YOKE made an effort to strengthen its existing system of mentors in the area of day-to-day care and training in 2017. We hope that through this mechanism, the Company will be able to better understand the opinions and expectations of new employees. The mentor system saw further improvement in 2018 after we launched the “new employee & mentor rating system” as a means for the management to gain insight into the result of interaction between mentors and their apprentices. From the analysis of employee turnover in the last three years (no. of resigning employee in 2018/no. of full-time employees at the end of 2018), we saw a decrease in turnover in 2017 compared to 2016 (by 5.31%) and a significant dip in 2018 compared to 2017 (by 12.71%). These figures reflect the effectiveness and outcome of the mentorship system. The same can be said in terms of new recruitment (no. of newly hired employees in 2018/no. of full-time employees at the end of 2018) as our new recruitment in 2018 increased by 6.82%. However, due to the significant decrease in turnover rate, the growth in the new recruitment rate for 2018 ended up being 21.93% lower than that of 2017.

New employee care

new employees have joined the company for a month, they will fill out the “New Employee Care Scoring Sheet” together with their mentors and engage in a 1-on-1 interview with their manager and mentor. This enables the mentors and managers to listen to new employees’ feedback while Human Resource Department is responsible for keeping track of relevant feedbacks and for improvements to be taken accordingly.


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