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Innovative Development Technology

Material Innovation

Starting in 2008, YOKE is devoted to the material development field. By researching and developing Grade 100 high-strength alloy steel key technologies with a required tensile strength of up to 1000 MPa (million newton/square meter), high-strength and outstandingly ductile steel materials are developed. In terms of smelting, the company works together with the China Steel Corporation in research and development and it began to be applied in the manufacturing of Grade 100 products in 2010. By upgrading products from 80 to 100, it also increases the value added of products. In 2017, existing products that were using Grade 80 materials continued to be upgraded to 100. The change of materials was completed for 14 types of products. Statistics of 2017 sales show that Grade 100 products already accounted for 20.59% of industrial safety lifting components and fittings (8 series) in terms of sales. Due to the fact that there are international standards for the appearances and dimensions of respective products, the safety specifications of existing products are kept not through material reduction; instead, safety specifications of products are further enhanced with the use of the same amount of material to offer customers better safety protection. In order to develop products applied in the offshore industrial field, YOKE also started to plan the research and development of even more advanced materials and key process technologies in 2016 so that the low-temp impact performance of materials can go with the environmental characteristics in the offshore industrial field. With Grade 100 high-strength alloy steel key technology as the basis, by means of material research and development and process improvement, the material is enhanced to a level that may be applied in Grade 120 products. This project was still ongoing in 2017 and is expected to be completed for the development of Grade 120 materials in the third quarter of 2018.

RFID Project

In order to reinforce awareness of safety at work and usage and in light of the need for spontaneous inspections and anti-counterfeiting, the YOKE-SMART RFID project was introduced starting in 2017. It is hoped that 4 mm RFID chips can be added into the YP, ML, MLA, and GrabEX series of products through this project so that product sales and after-sales service may be integrated and maintenance cost for customers may be reduced at the same time. The pilot products at the moment are two of the YP products. The product number and the scheduled inspection timeframe may be read and the reminder for inspections may be set by means of the app downloaded onto a tablet or a mobile phone. The project is expected to be completed in June 2018 and officially go online for use by customers in order to enhance the depth and width of services available for customers.


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