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Caring for the Minorities

For more than 30 years since it was founded, YOKE has been adhering to the egoistic and altruistic belief of “giving back to society what is taken from it” during its operations. It offers employees a quality workplace and stable profits. In addition, it created the “YOKE Charity Fund” in April 2008. We take pride in never falling behind in giving back to society and have devoted ourselves to promoting education, caring for society, taking care of the community, and enforcing environmental protection. In honor of our corporate social responsibilities and benevolent intention of giving back to society, we took steps to demonstrate that YOKE leads by example. Apart from the scholarships, sponsorships for academic seminars, and one-day volunteering at Taichung Veterans General Hospital, the Company also committed to other charity deeds such as providing emergency aid to impoverished families and donating to social welfare organizations.

The total amount of donations in 2018 had exceeded NTD 2.5 million.
Health is the one safety value of employees that we at YOKE cherish the most. In an attempt to interconnect health promotion, environmental sustainability and fulfillment of our social commitments, the Company initiated a marathon campaign and called on 190 employees and 70 family members to participate in the event. The event was organized in two parts: the 3KM “Run-for-Health” group and the 9KM “Run-like-Heroes” group. For each kilometer covered by an employee or their family during the event, the Company would donate an Osmanthus tree sapling. Cumulatively, all participants covered a total distance of 1,035KM.
To support UPShow Theater - a performing theater located in Taichung, YOKEgavethe Osmanthus tree saplings to the audience of “The Fragrance of Flowers in Shintomicho” performed at Chung Shan Hall in December 2018. By presenting this gift at the end of the performance, the audience would learn the meaning of the performance regarding the natural environment. Through the donation of 1,035 saplings, we show the positive impact on green ecology and do our part for environmental protection.

Over the years, YOKE has been proactively devoted to fulfillment of its corporate responsibilities in all respects mentioned above in order to put ourselves in industrial leading position of corporate social responsibilities. While creating value for related stakeholders, YOKE never forgets to devote itself to the public interest and its mission in protecting the environment. We hope that our fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities can be even more all-encompassing so that more diversified value may be created for all our stakeholders and bring about more positive developments in society.


Safety is our first priority and
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