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Encouraging Volunteering

Volunteering at Taichung Veterans General Hospital

Everyone plays a role in his or her life. In order for employees to be able to play the role of “a helper” and to reinforce their interaction with the community, YOKE started to promote the corporate volunteering campaign at Taichung Veterans General Hospital in 2012. A headcount of official leave a days is available so that employees may voluntarily rotate to work as a volunteer at Taichung Veterans General Hospital. The hope is that by feeling a change in mood when helping others during their volunteer service, it will turn into energy for them to devote to daily work in the company. Volunteer service was available to a headcount of 184 people, totaling 736 hours, in 2017. Cumulatively over the years, the headcount has reached 1,000 people. In the future, the goal is to differentiate the service to include not only original lobby reception but also more advanced service that better suits needs.

Volunteer Band

The story of YOKE’s “Dreamer Band” began in the summer of 2011. A group of people, music lovers at YOKE, dreamed about spreading the seeds of hope and courage through music that takes root in the hearts of the listeners and helping all lost, sad, and hurt hearts fly with courage again and live up to a dream of their own. In addition to shaping the aura for large and small events inside YOKE, an important mission of the band is to pass down YOKE’s love and hope and to encourage people by the power of music, particularly minorities so that they gain more positive energy. Starting in 2011, the Dreamer Band has visited nearly all corners of the greater Taichung area. In addition to patients at Taichung Veterans General Hospital, starting in 2014, for 4 consecutive years, it has been taking part in the charity concert organized by Taichung Veterans General Hospital and the Huei-Kong Social Welfare Foundation. With “hear and see” as its theme, the concert that took place at the Fulfillment Amphitheatre had nearly 25 thousand members in the audience. With its founding purpose in mind, the Dreamer Band will continue to support charity events in the future and to serve an even bigger population.


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