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    YOKE released its first Corporate Sustainability Report in 2017 and it won the Gold Award for the traditional manufacturing sector in Taiwan. While sustainable development is being promoted around the world, YOKE started late as a learner; nevertheless, it has learned many valuable experiences and ideas in corporate operations from the sustainable performance of its numerous predecessors.

“Safety” has been a key factor to be considered when YOKE engages itself in all operational activities and is also indispensable in communications with all stakeholders. Safe product quality is provided to customers, safe workplace to employees, safe procurement activities and requirements to suppliers, and safe operational outcome to shareholders. Looking into the future, under the brand name of “YOKE”, the company will continue to secure its presence on the global market for safety protection equipment and to demonstrate the values of “safety” and “sustainability.”


“First-rate products are made possible by topnotch manufacturing technology, rigid quality management, and constantly innovative research and development. Only reasonable and customer requirements-fulfilling quality and a safe workplace can create a win-win situation for both YOKE and its customers. This is YOKE’s mission and also a factor to its sustainable development.” When considering its corporate sustainable strategies, YOKE starts with “safety”. It creates the value of safety for stakeholders such as customers, shareholders, employees, and suppliers. The process begins with operation and the value is consolidated in the operational management of all departments.

The “High-strength Alloy Manufacturing Technology Research and Development Center” program started in 2017 already completed the alloy manufacturing and measurement technology at the end of the year to enhance deployment of advanced technologies. In order to provide customers with products meeting international safety standards, in addition to product safety qualification as demanded by customers, a quality management system featuring high standards continues to be maintained, procurement of materials is reinforced, and so is the manufacturing quality. In terms of economic performance, it showed a growth of 14.36% compared to 2016. The number of employees has also increased by 17.16%. As far as energy-saving and carbon reduction are concerned, the annual goal of reduction by 1% in power consumption continues to be maintained. In addition, as soon as procured equipment is introduced, energy-saving procedures are considered on the management side. The monthly minimum wage for grassroots staff has increased by 8%, which is also 28.52% higher than the minimum wage specified in the 2017 Labor Standards Act. Moreover, the salary raise reflects annual performance. The importance of professional skills, both training and technical certification, is emphasized and consolidated. The safety map is enforced to strengthen safety in the workplace. All of these are proactive acts in order to shape a safe and blessed workplace.

The operational slogan of 2018 is B2B (Back to Basic). Creation of a high-performance operational team is promoted, with improved profitability and bringing revenue to new heights as the goal. Meanwhile, respective sustainability indicators will continue to be introduced as part of operational goals and key performance indicators of respective departments. YOKE believes that only by internalizing sustainable operations as part of departmental management can the sustainable development be consolidated and fruitful, and to also realize the brand image of "Safety is our first priority.”


Safety is our first priority and
core CSR value

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