Safety is our first priority

Business philosophy

YOKE Philosophy


Building a word-class company with firm profits and steady growth in the industrial safety component business.

Brand slogan

“Safety is our first priority.” This is YOKE’s commitment to all YOKE product users. Delivering compliant products with reliable quality is the greatest assurance we have to offer for our customers.


To manufacture quality hooks and safety equipment and deliver superior safety protection for mankind regardless of time or place.

Brand meaning

YOKE means “connector,” and during our beginning as a trading company, YOKE symbolized the connection between the customers and the manufacturing end. Today, it embodies the inseparable connection between our products and safety. Red is the standard color for industrial safety and warning for personnel safety. At the same time, the globe represents our worldwide distribution and our inspiration to become a respectable company with steady profit and growth in the global industry of industrial safety hooks.

Corporate sustainability policy

Sustainability & Inclusion: Ethical management, legal compliance, mutual benefit with the society and engagement through communication

Education & Growth: Total participation, reinforcement of awareness, internalization of training and continuous improvement

Quality First: Innovative development, process improvement, quality refinement, and customer satisfaction

Environmental Protection: Resource efficiency, energy/water conservation, emission, and waste reduction and pollution prevention

Safety & Health: Safety first, health promotion, hazard prevention, balance between physical & mental well-being


Safety is our first priority and
core CSR value

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