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Enhanced operational performance

Information transparency

At present, YOKE is not a public company. Our participation in Commonwealth Magazine's Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility and voluntary preparation of sustainability reports have both been an effort from the Company to improve its operations through transparent disclosure of information as we learn from the optimal business models adopted by other exemplary companies. Through the integration of SAP ERP, YOKE has been able to complete all closing procedures on 4 business days each month. 15 days before each month, senior executives would convene a management meeting to review the operating performance to focus on problematic issues and immediately formulate corresponding improvement measures.


Budget management process

At the end of each year, the management discusses with each department on their proposed annual budgets and targets in accordance with the medium and long-term goals before verifying the annual plans for individual departments. The management also engages each department in KPI confirmation meetings, during which they lay out all performance indicators from R&D progress, production yield, production efficiency to goals of supporting departments. In 2018, we established our 10-year long-term goal to reach NTD 10 billion in revenue by 2028. Our existing performance management mechanism covers eight strategic issues and spreads out over three tiers in accordance with the Company’s annual strategies to derive our Key Management Index (KMI). These are then expanded to derive the Company’s annual operational goals while the General Manager refers back to the Company’s operation approach to determine relevant Key Performance Index (KPI) at the corporate level. The KPIs are to be reported by department managers during the monthly management meetings in which the General Manager and the management team will review and evaluate the status of achievement for follow-up. Each department will establish its corresponding Key Activity Index (KAI) at the department level to be implemented. The KAIs shall be related and instrumental to the achievement of KPIs and they will be included as a component of department managers’ personal performance evaluation. Under the department, KAIs would be the personal KPI for individual employees to create a complete and closed circuit that ties the Company’s annual strategic goals and operational goals together. The review is reported monthly, and the PDCA improvement mechanism is activated if the target is not met.

Financial performance

All YOKE employees have put "safety" at the top of their priority and committed whole-heartedly to reduce product launch time while satisfying all standards and quality specifications. The Company's improvement in financial performance has resulted from increased productivity and yield rate and reduced production cost and wastage. YOKE generated NT$2.367 billion in revenues in 2020, which represented a 23.16 decrease over compared to 2019 and it is primarily caused by the decline in other major industries caused by COVID-19, resulting in reduced demand for safety products. In addition, as YOKE is eligible for the government relief for operating capital and salary for businesses that have been affected by COVID-19 in 2020 as the Chairman had instructed the management that the Company may not lay off employees, reduce their wage or ask employees to go on unpaid leaves. After government review and approval, YOKE received NTD 8.8 million in relief funding.

Unit: NTD 1 million 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Net revenues 2,057.62 2,353.00 2,831.98 3,080.01 2,366.79
Capital Size 908.11 908.11 908.11 608.11 912.16

Safety is our first priority and
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