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Corporate Governance

Sound Corporate Governance

Board of directors

YOKE currently has 3 directors and 1 supervisor on its board. A re-election was held in accordance with the Company Act and Articles of Incorporation during the 2021 shareholder meeting. New board members are elected to serve a term of 3 years. The Company's board of directors/supervisors comprises 2 members aged below 50 and 2 members aged 50 and above.

3 directors

1 supervisor on its board

The board of directors exercises its authority in accordance with laws, the Articles of Incorporation and Board of Directors Conference Rules. The directors and supervisors with their extensive industry experience help supervise the Company's operations. Since 2014, the Board of Directors has authorized the Chairman to handle corporate sustainability-related decisions. The CSR promotion team regularly reports the results of sustainability-related projects to the Chairman, and after approval, the projects are promoted and implemented, and important work items are also included in the agenda of the Board of Directors' report. YOKE hires a professional manager to undertake the role of President (General Manager), whose responsibilities are to oversee the Company's operations and report progress regularly to the board of directors.

Title Representative Gender Academic and career background Required attendance Actual attendance
Chairman Steven Hong Male EMBA, National Chengchi University
YOKE Industrial Corp. - Chairman
7 7
Director Susan Yen Female National Taichung Institute of Technology
YOKE Industrial Corp. - Vice Chairman
7 7
Director Marcus Hung Male National Chung Hsing University
YOKE Industrial Corp. - Vice General Manager
7 7
Supervisor Yen, Kuo-Chen Male KaiNan Vocational High School
7 years as an industrial consultant
7 0
  • Chairman's Office

    Assists the Chairman in leading the management team and the overall organization

  • G.M Office

    Supports the Company's management system, evaluates plans proposed by various departments and assists the management in decision-making, planning and promotion of various affairs

  • 8 Sales Department

    Responsible for the sale, customer exploration and market research relating to 8-series products

  • N Sales Department

    Responsible for the sale, customer exploration and market research relating to N-series products

  • Finance Dept

    Planning/execution/review of operational strategies and annual budget; general affairs, accounting and performance management

  • Product R&D Department

    Assessment, development and improvement of new products and production procedures

  • Human Resource Department

    Human resource management, employee service, and planning and execution of training programs

  • MIS Department

    Maintenance of software, hardware, IT equipment and database; development and maintenance of enterprise application system and introduction of new IT technologies

  • Procurement Dept

    Procurement and Supplier Development Management

  • Production Management Department

    Responsible for production scheduling, management of raw materials/semi-finished products/finished products, and shipping

  • Manufacturing

    Responsible for product manufacturing, improvement of productivity and reduction of costs; maintaining desired product quality and ensuring punctual delivery

  • Quality Assurance Dept

    Maintenance of quality management system, update and maintenance of quality specifications, quality testing for purchased material/semi-finished products/finished products, supplier quality management, handling of abnormal quality/customer complaint, management and calibration of measuring instruments, and verification of product reliability

  • Engineering Department

    Management of production technologies and procedures, and planning and execution of equipment automation

  • Occupational Safety Office

    Maintenance of environment, labor safety management and waste management


Safety is our first priority and
core CSR value

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