Report scope

Explanations on the material issues for disclosure

Corresponding GRI topics

After reviewing the 33 economic, environmental and social topics outlined in the GRI guidelines, YOKE has chosen to respond to material issues for disclosure by identifying 19 topics and the 43 applicable indicators, compiled based on principles for Core Disclosure for this year’s report.

Defining the reporting boundaries

The Disclosure Team convened meetings to review how each material issue impacts YOKE and the value chain, which led to the conclusion of setting the boundary of disclosure on YOKE as an individual entity, with the scope of impact varying slightly for each issue.

Key issues for disclosure Implications and impacts to YOKE Corresponding SDG
Integrity and commercial ethics YOKE’s main clientele includes the world’s renowned safety hook and fastener brands, which impose stringent requirements on their suppliers’ business integrity. YOKE, with well-known enterprises as its operating benchmark, continues to promote “Accountability and integrity” as its 5A core values. We expect all senior management and colleagues to comply with the provisions of the law and the company's internal regulations. Image
Sound corporate governance and financial performance
Responsible product sale and safety commitments As a product, safety hooks are intricately tied to industrial and personal safety. With a comprehensive quality management system and product standards established around the world governing safety hooks, YOKE has acquired product safety verification by setting up relevant management systems to ensure product quality and safety specifications for global distribution as a trusted brand. In recent years, we have also been actively assisting our suppliers in strengthening their manufacturing capabilities and business operations by engaging them in a collaborative model to improve the industry’s overall competitiveness. Image
Traceability and localized purchase Image
Effective use of energy/resource in production In response to climate change, YOKE has committed itself to material development and process improvement to reduce crude iron input and consumption of relevant materials and power and other energies. By lowering our GHG emission and consumption of resources, we will also be able to strengthen our operating competitiveness Image
Waste processing and improvement Image
Fair and reasonable employers-employee relations Sustained operational growth hinges on the joint effort of all YOKE employees and only by building a competitive human resource system and comprehensive safety and health environment will we be able to inspire our colleagues to take joy in their work and commit to their careers. At the same time, we understand that both harmonies in labor relations and respect for our employees’ human rights at work are crucial elements in creating a friendly workplace. Image
Respect and assurance for employees' human rights
On-job learning and growth Image
Safety and health in the work environment Image
Countermeasure of climate change It is imperative for us to preemptively consider our direction and goals for the business transition so that we can mitigate potential impacts and create opportunities through appropriate solutions for alleviation and response. Image

Safety is our first priority and
core CSR value

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