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Robust Quality Management

Quality management system

We introduced our quality management system certification back in 1997 and more than 20 years have gone by. The latest revision in July, 2020 was to complete the ISO 9001:2015 review and obtain the DNV GL Business Assurance Co. (DNV G.L.) certification (first verified in 2006).

In light of the prominent safety issues concerning safety buckles and in order to accommodate customer demands and the discrepancies between different quality management systems, YOKE continued to adopt API SPEC Q1, a quality management system developed by the American Petroleum Institute (API), as a set of standards developed for oil and gas industries and ISO 9001 quality management system (API QMS:2015).

For personal protection gears, we have also obtained certification for Article 11B. SATRA, a UK-based certifier, conducts annual reviews at YOKE’s factories and renews our certification.

Certifier Beginning year of certification System within period of validity
DNV 2006 ISO 9001
API 2007 API QMS, API Spec Q1
SATRA 2011 Article 11B

Certifier Beginning year of certification Certified product
ABS 2001 Manufacturing assessment-Loose Gear, Lifting Device, Lifting Frame, Hooks, Connecting Links and Shackles
CCS 2016 Forged Anchor Shackle, Hook and Light Snatch Block

Factory Manufacturing Certification

In addition to our quality management system, our manufacturing factories have also been certified by dedicated verification agencies in accordance with our customers’ needs as we boost our products’ competitiveness.

Factory certifications that we have obtained and remained valid include accreditation by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and the China Classification Society (CCS). YOKE is reviewed and verified each year by these two certifiers.


Safety is our first priority and
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