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For more than 30 years of our operations in Taiwan, YOKE has placed technical know-how and product competitiveness as its top priority. However, product competitive advantage exists in a company's know-how and supply chain partners that work alongside YOKE. For this reason, YOKE has adopted the principle of making localized purchases and treating suppliers as business partners. In addition to fulfilling corporate social responsibilities in its own capacity, YOKE also guides suppliers in making ongoing improvements to product quality and production efficiency. Ultimately, we view optimized production procedures and product quality as the foundation for corporate sustainability.

Implement local procurement

With the strategy of promoting an industrial cluster for forging and thermal treatment for supplier management, YOKE has been working with long-term suppliers for mutual growth in pursuit of sustainable business operation. We have been maintaining local procurement over time. In 2022 the proportion of local procurement increased by 0.73% over 2021 to 98.63%.

Supplier information platform

To expedite supplier-related processes, YOKE has introduced its supplier information platform and planned to introduce new functions over the years to strengthen our two-way information transmission and exchange. In 2022 we integrated the product lifecycle management (PLM) map into the supplier platform for suppliers to retrieve the map while confirming the purchase order (PO) to prevent errors causing by information out of sync and production. In 2022 we also maintained the supplier basic data, optimized the PO management process, and reviewed the process and information columns. System optimization is expected to be completed in 2023Q2. Additionally, we plan to integrate the supplier claim process into the supplier platform in 2023H2 for suppliers to check the accounts and make the claim process more clear and convenient.

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