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Investment in youth empowerment

YOKE Scholarship

In order to encourage students in related departments to study hard, YOKE continued with its scholarship program to eligible students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at National Cheng Kung University and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at National Chung Hsing University. YOKE awards the NT$ 300,000 scholarship on a yearly basis and statistics of the scholarships we offered various universities since 2002 reveal that more than NT$ 10 million has been donated over the past 20 years, benefiting a total of 250 students. In 2022, we donated NT$200,00 to the Hsing Wing Scholarship Program of National Chung Hsing University to provide scholarships for financially disadvantaged students so as to help them focus on study regardless of the financial issues during the study. Apart from encouraging students, we have also established the “NTU College of Engineering Yoke Distinguished Scholar Reward” to reward scholars with distinguished performance in guiding technology R&D and application, setting examples in academia, and making technology innovation. Starting from 2022, we will donate NT$300,000 to the College of Engineering of National Taiwan University (NTU) for six consecutive years to reward distinguished scholars.

more than NT$ 10 million has been donated over the past 20 years
benefiting a total of 250 students

Industry-academia internship program

We began joining the “Industry-Academia Partnership Training Program” organized by the Taichung-Changhua-Nantou Regional Branch of Work Development Agency and Taichung Industrial High School in 2019 to recruit grade 12 students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering for internship at YOKE on fixed-term full-time employment contracts. By 2022, we have accepted seven students from Taichung Industrial High School. In order to help students put to use what they had learned in school and at the Bureau of Vocational Training, the interns were assigned to Processing Section for hands-on practice as they learned to operate CNC lathe and practical operational skills for milling machines. Such arrangement enables students to acquire useful skills and explore specific areas of expertise they may wish to pursue a career before they enter the employment market. The Industry-Academia Partnership Training Program also reached out to students of four-year technical programs. In 2021, we joined the Industry-Academia Partnership Program” promotion organized by National Chin-Yi University of Technology (NCUT). For interns of Taichung Industrial High School with outstanding academic performance and interested in the industry-academia partnership program, we and Taichung Industrial High School will recommend them to NCUT to directly enroll on the Industry-Academia Partnership Program immediately after completing their grade 12 internship. In 2022, four students decided to stay with us. Through this special program, students work at YOKE in the daytime and go to school on Fridays and Saturdays. Through the close collaboration of school education, we furthered the development of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) through “learning from doing and learning by doing” to secure steady workforce development and so to develop high-quality technical workforces for YOKE.

Summer Internship Program

In 2022 we organized the summer internship program to recruit students from the relevant disciplines to practice at YOKE on a fixed-term full-time employment contract. We recruited 16 undergraduate and graduate students from six schools, such as National Taiwan University, National Cheng Kung University, National Chung Hsing University, and others. In the prospectus, we announced four research topics and the prerequisites for interested students to better understand the contents of the internship program. Additionally, we can also assign students to the relevant departments based on their areas of specialization after the acceptance. We assigned senior staff of the respective departments as the mentor of interns. They were divided into four groups by expertise for the topic research. Apart from taking the common courses, we also designed topic-specific professional courses to facilitate the research of individual topics. After six weeks of education and internship, we invited teachers of different schools to the achievement presentation. The general manager, school teachers, and managers formed an evaluation panel to evaluate the presentation. The rank of each group was announced and bonuses were distributed afterwards. We held a forum on the last day of internship to listen to the ideas and suggestions for the program of interns for the reference of improvement of the future internship programs.


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