in youth empowerment

Investment in youth empowerment

YOKE Scholarship

In order to encourage students in related departments to study hard, YOKE continued with its scholarship program to eligible students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at National Cheng Kung University and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at National Chung Hsing University. YOKE awards the NT$ 300,000 scholarship on a yearly basis and statistics of the scholarships we offered various universities since 2002 reveal that more than NT$ 10 million has been donated over the past 20 years, benefiting a total of 250 students. In 2021, we will donate NT$1 million to the Chung Hsing University's Hsing Wing Scholarship Program to provide scholarships to students who are financially disadvantaged, so that they can focus on their studies without being financially affected during their studies.

more than NTD 10 million has been donated over the past 19 years
benefiting a total of 250 students

Industry-academia internship program

Starting in 2019, YOKE participated in the “Industry-Academia Partnership Training Program” organized by Taichung-Changhua-Nantou Regional Branch of Work Development Agency and Taichung Industrial High School.” The program involved recruiting 3rd-year students at Taichung Industrial High School for an internship program at YOKE through fixed-term contracts as full-time employees. As of 2021, YOKE has accepted four students for the internship. In order to help students put to use what they had learned in school and at the Bureau of Vocational Training, the interns were assigned to Processing Section for hands-on practice as they learned to operate CNC lathe and practical operational skills for milling machines. Such arrangement enables students to acquire useful skills and explore specific areas of expertise they may wish to pursue a career before they enter the employment market. Apart from providing valuable experience in training for high school students, the Industry-Academia Partnership Training Program also reached out to students in four-year technical programs. In 2021, YOKE joined the Industry-Academia Partnership Promotion” organized by National Chin-Yi University of Technology (NCUT) and an intern from Taichung Industrial High School interested in the internship curriculum with outstanding academic performance could ask for a joint recommendation from both YOKE and the Taichung Industrial High School to be enrolled by the university. After beneficiary students complete their high-school internship, they can continue their academic career by signing up for the internship program. One beneficiary student even went on to continue employment at YOKE. Through this special program, the student worked during the day at YOKE and attended classes at the university at night and on Saturdays. With such cohesive internship collaboration between YOKE and the university, we were able to truly manifest the ideals of “learning through working and working through learning.” The arrangement also helped boost our human resources and contributed to the cultivation of competent talents at the Company.


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