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Establishing Risk Management

Risk Management Mechanism

With the post-epidemic era, more variables have been added to the already fast-changing domestic and international business environment, and YOKE has established a risk management mechanism to classify risks into four categories: decision risks, financial risks, operational risks, and hazard risks, etc. The risk identification and prevention mechanism has been developed for each type of risk, and a crisis management mechanism has been established to fully implement risk management operations in order to maintain long-term stable operations.

Strategic RiskFinancial RiskOperational RiskHazard RiskRisk Management Type·Board meeting mechanism·Monthly company level KPI review meetings·Receivable collection managg-ment·Inventory level management·Major investment evaluation mechanism·Establishment of SOP for the nine major cycles of internal control·Key process second source management·Periodic inspection of critical equipment·Periodic maintenance of information security system·Workplace hazard notice·5S walk-through audit·Emergency Response PlanRisk identification/prevention mechanismCrisis management mechanismIncident identificationReport to senior supervisorEmergency response meetingDraw up contingency plan and actionsResult discussionHead of the accident-occurring unit and Occupational Safety OfficeHead of the accident-occurring unit, factory director, and Occupational Safety OfficeEmergency Response Team, Occupational Safety Office, General Manager, Factory DirectorEmergency Response TeamEmergency Response Team, Occupational Safety Office, General Manager, Factory Director

Audit mechanism

As YOKE is not a publicly listed company, we are not legally required to establish a dedicated audit department or personnel. Nevertheless, out of respect for corporate governance, YOKE has appointed audit personnel directly under the board of directors similarly to what public companies do and established specific internal control mechanisms as guidelines to supplement the Company’s internal management. At the end of each year, the annual audit plan for the following year would be established. The annual audit plan is the framework in which our various monthly audits are implemented and once completed, an audit report has to be verified by the manager of the department being audited to validate the integrity of the report before reporting to the Vice Chairman and General Manager on a monthly basis. Various defects and oversights, along with the recommended actions of improvement, will also be followed up to track the status of rectification for the departments involved. Lastly, audit reports will be included as part of the reporting agenda for the board of directors meeting.


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