Promoting Mutual Prosperity

Caring for the Minorities

Promoting Mutual Prosperity

For more than 30 years since its initiation, YOKE has been adhering to the egoistic and altruistic belief of “giving back to society what is taken from it” from its operations. Out of our wish to do good and give back to society, we established the “YOKE Charity Fund” in April 2008.  In 2019, as the main focus of the foundation has been gradually adjusted to education public welfare projects, therefore, the name of the foundation was changed to "YOKE Education Foundation" and continued to promote the "Elementary School Sustainable Education Support Project".


We set working at height safety the main theme of social influence promotion. In 2022 we co-organized the tree-climbing experiential course with Si Wei Elementary School and Tung Xing Elementary School in Taichung. We hired instructors with international professional tree climbing license to introduce the use of SRL, climbing saddle, lanyard, safety helmet, and carabiner to students through this experiential course. With full preparation before climbing, we enabled students to climb trees in the safest environment. As the coach explained the equipment's safety features and the tenacity and strength of trees, he helped the students put on their safety equipment before they tried to reach the top of a tree with his instruction. Apart from focusing on the education for working at height safety, character education was another focus of the tree climbing activity. Students were divided into groups. Instructors guided group members to gear up through mutual support and collaboration. Students also climbed as high as they could through mutual encouragement to push themselves to the limit so as to develop own faith in their unlimited potential. In 2022 we signed up to the “Clean Air, Clean Mind; Conserving Soil, Storing Carbon more” action to support farmers to replace burning straws in the open with the “WIN WIN Rapid-Acting Straw Decomposing Powder”. We donated straw decomposing powder enough for use by up to 50 hectares of farmland to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions caused by burning straws to as to safeguard human health.


Safety is our first priority and
core CSR value

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