Promoting Mutual Prosperity

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Promoting Mutual Prosperity

For more than 30 years since its initiation, YOKE has been adhering to the belief in benefiting itself and others through altruism by “giving back to society what is taken from it” from its operations. Out of our wish to do good and give back to society, we established the “YOKE Charity Fund” in April 2008. In 2019, as the main focus of the foundation has been gradually adjusted to education public welfare projects, therefore, the name of the foundation was changed to "YOKE Education Foundation" and continued to promote the "Elementary School Sustainable Education Support Project". In 2021, YOKE donated about NT$2.66 million to related organizations and over NT$1 million were donated to education-related organizations by the YOKE Education Foundation.


YOKE is committed to the promotion of the concept of work-at-height safety as the main axis of social influence.In January 2021, YOKE combined with Xiewei Elementary School and Dongming Elementary School in Taichung City to hold a rock climbing exploration course at a well-known indoor climbing course in central Taiwan, allowing students to learn rock climbing skills under the guidance of professional climbing instructors and learn how to use the carabiners, thereby establishing a rock climbing safety protection mechanism and allowing students to climb in the safest environment and have access to the carabiners, which is an important safety tool for working at height. The climbing course has a 9m and 15m high wall face, which is quite challenging for students who have never been rock climbing before.

The students looked at the steep wall and were all intimidated. Fortunately, under the guidance of professional instructors, the students learned how to operate the safety harness and how to operate the carabiner, and were informed that the carabiner can withstand a weight of 3000 kg, and is an important tool to ensure the safety of rock climbing. After the students were familiarized with the safety tools, the instructor also guided the students to plan their own climbing routes according to their own physical conditions. On the day of the event, the students not only operated the three-stage carabiner, but also learned to operate the safety fall prevention equipment and return to the ground safely. We hope that through this high-altitude exploration experience, students will be able to better appreciate the knowledge involved in fall-prevention and the importance of wearing safety equipment and strengthen their focus, observation, and confidence.

n May, 2021, the principal of Nantou County Guangrong Elementary School led 40 students to visit the company, where company introduction, product exploration experience, and environmental protection knowledge sharing activities were arranged. Through experiential education, students were introduced to the products and safety equipment of working at height manufactured by YOKE, and understood that domestic regulations require full-body safety harnesses and equipment to be worn for working at height above 2 meters. Let students experienced the three-stage carabiner and learned to operate the carabiner by "pushing, turning and pressing". YOKE hopes to let students understand the use of safety equipment and the knowledge of work-at-height safety through exploratory education. During the visit, special arrangements were made for horticulture manufacturers to lead students to learn about planting and teach them the importance of planting trees to regulate the climate, replenish oxygen and purify the air, to promote the educational concept of environmental protection, and to jointly promote positive social impact with suppliers.


Safety is our first priority and
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