Promoting Mutual Prosperity

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Promoting Mutual Prosperity

For more than 30 years since its initiation, YOKE has been adhering to the egoistic and altruistic belief of “giving back to society what is taken from it” from its operations. Out of our wish to do good and give back to society, we established the “YOKE Charity Fund” in April 2008.  In 2019, in response to the foundation’s gradual adjustment to focus more on its public welfare project to promote education, we have registered to change the title of the foundation to “YOKE Educational Fund.” In 2020, YOKE donated approximately NTD 1.6 million to relevant groups and organizations and over NTD 180,000 through YOKE Educational Fund to recipients in the domain of public education. The Company continued to promote its “Elementary School Sustainable Education Support Program” in 2020.

Climb For Fun! A glimpse of future from treetop!

Working on the promotion of high-altitude operation safety as a source of social influence, YOKE collaborated with Dongbao Elementary School in Taichung City and organized the tree-climbing event “Climb For Fun! A glimpse of future from treetop!” in June, 2020. For this activity, we invited a coach with international tree climbing qualifications to teach participating students the tree climbing techniques in the safest environment possible, using snap hooks manufactured by YOKE. As the coach explained the equipment's safety features and the tenacity and strength of trees, he helped the students put on their safety equipment before they tried to reach the top of a tree with his instruction. The purpose of the activity was to help students experience and appreciate the fact that “the higher you climb, the farther you see.” It was meant to inspire students to challenge themselves, overcome their self-imposed limitations, and show them the importance of wearing protective equipment in high-altitude work. Last but not least, it was also a valuable lesson that reminds students to care and protect trees.

rock-climbing exploration

Featuring a similar concept of promoting high-altitude operation safety, YOKE invited students from Dongbao Elementary School and Wu-Tso Elementary School to take part in a rock-climbing exploration in December 2020. The event was held at a popular indoor gym in Taichung and featured a professional rock climbing coach to teach the participants different rock climbing techniques, how to wear their safety equipment and use their carabiner. All the precautions were taken to ensure that students could take part in the activity in the safest environment possible. The event challenged students to climb two walls that are 9-meters and 15-meters in height. As the young participants gazed at the steep wall, they were noticeably intimidated by the prospect of having to scale them. Rock climbing challenged the students to think, as they had to figure out on their own a suitable route to get to the top within their own level of physical fitness. Many students were able to climb to the top of the wall and landing themselves safely on the ground. We hope that through this high-altitude exploration experience, students will be able to better appreciate the knowledge involved in fall-prevention and the importance of wearing safety equipment and strengthen their focus, observation, and confidence.

While COVID-19 ravaged the world in 2020, the implementation of disease prevention measures has become a part of our daily routines. Apart from performing relevant in-house duties for disease prevention, we also collaborated with nursing staffs from Taichung Veterans General Hospital to promote the importance of disease prevention at Municipal Xiwei Elementary School under the banner of “Preventing Disease Through Good Habits and Safe Environment” by having the professional nursing staff to brief the students on the tips and tricks students should remember to protect themselves against the epidemic during summer vacation. By getting involved together to promote epidemic prevention and staying vigilant, YOKE shall do its part to safeguard the health of children in remote areas. Also, we have purchased hand-made biscuits and cookies prepared by Taichung City Welfare for the Disabled Association to be served as refreshments for the epidemic prevention promotion workshop. As we firmly believe in the philosophy of “giving back to the society what we take from it,” our initiative to support and promote the operation of sheltered workshops had not been affected by the pandemic.

Embrace Health and Love Our Earth - YOKE’s 35th Road Run/Family Day

In celebration of YOKE’s 35th anniversary in 2020, we organized our “Embrace Health and Love Our Earth - YOKE’s 35th Road Run/Family Day” at Tayashen Green Bikeway. We called on employees, their families, our suppliers, banks that we have been working with and teachers from schools we have assisted in taking part in the celebration. A total of 350 participants showed up as we harkened back to our original inspiration of “Raise funds for trees via running and love our planet” - for each kilometer of distance covered by a participant, YOKE would donate a sapling or seedling for flowers. All of the participants covered a total distance of 1,970 kilometers for the event, and YOKE would donate 1,970 sapling/seedlings for flowers to match. Remote elementary schools in Taichung have been chosen as our prioritized recipient.


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