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YOKE embarked on its journey towards its sustainable development in 2015. Although we take comfort in having found our bearings, the path to sustainability is long and profound like the ocean and thus, YOKE and all employees are still proactively learning new knowledge and concepts as we continue to do our best and grow through our operations.
“Safety” is the core value of the company that leads YOKE to sustainability. It also serves as the most crucial factor of our operational activities; safety has always been the priority of concern in our communications with all stakeholders, as it manifests in different aspects - safety of product quality, safety of working environment, safety of materials procured, and the safety of our operations and corporate values.
In corporate sustainability strategies, YOKE starts with “safety”. It creates the value of safety for stakeholders such as customers, shareholders, employees, and suppliers. The process begins with the operation and the value is consolidated in the operational management of all departments. This year, YOKE has identified material issues per the UN’s SDGs and responded through specific actions and measures.
“YOKE” is our brand to have business globally. We are looking forward to increasing our global market share of personal safety protection equipment as we highlight the values of “safety” and “sustainability” to the world with our competence and tenacity that embody the quality manufacturing of “Made in Taiwan”.

Steven Hong


Led by Chairman, YOKE has gone through a crucial phase of transition in 2018. The company focused on pursuing growth in the mainstream market. B2B (Back to Basic) principle guided us forming a high-performance management team to lead in the market, make changes and opt for the most suitable model of expansion. Our vision is driving up the company’s turnover to NTD 10 billion by 2028. YOKE reinforces the operational foundation, improves employee training, optimizes information systems, and introduces new management systems. “333” explains our operational strategy – 3 processes (management digitization/production leveling/operational standardization) and 3 qualities (product quality/talent quality/department values) and 3 performances (effectiveness/efficiency/benefits) to fulfill the corporate vision of “building a world-class company with firm profits and steady growth in the industrial safety component business”.
Our “High Strength Alloy Manufacturing Technology R&D Center” project came to a successful conclusion in 2018 as we wrapped up the development of grade 120 high-strength alloy steel. Not only that, but the Company also collaborated with NTU to establish the “NTU CoE - YOKE Technology Research and Development Center” as we completed the patent mapping and motion mathematical model for self-retracting lifeline (SRL) products to speed up product development with greater precision. In terms of economic performance, YOKE achieved an impressive 20.36% growth compared to 2017, with our revenues exceeding NTD 2.8 billion in 2018. Our employees continue to grow in number as YOKE recruited 6.82% more employees, with an average training duration of 29.32 hours (an increase of 14.77 hours compared to 2017). Also, we launched ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System; for energy conservation and carbon reduction, we set a target of reducing power consumption by 1% per year and implemented ISO 14001 Environmental Management System at the end of 2018. YOKE has set specific objectives and strategies for its operations to fulfill its corporate vision and mission. Moreover, the company embads sustainability indicators in our operational goals and department KPIs. Here at YOKE, we believe that the path to sustainability has no finish line; and each phase requires due diligence in the introspection of results achieved, the performance delivered, goals for future endeavors, and actions for improvements. “Safety is our priority” not only describes our brand but also serves as the value and belief that we commit to all our stakeholders.

Tom Lin

Safety is our first priority and
core CSR value

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