Health promotion

Health promotion

Health promotion

Health corporate citizen

We have been taking care of employees with empathy by providing them with a safe and healthy work environment and free healthy employee meals. We have also established a gym and a library in the facility.

A player piano is equipped in the HQ building to play elegant music for employees to relieve work stress. We also continue to optimize the operation environment out of the “people-oriented” mindset to reduce the workload of employees through human-machine collaboration with automated equipment. After receiving the “Corporate Health Responsibility (CHR) Award from CommonHealth Magazine in 2021, we were further awarded the Gold award in 2022.

Health promotion

YOKE employs dedicated nursing staff in an effort to facilitate health promotion for all employees. In addition, they also manage employees’ health checks and tracking of anomalies. Employees’ health profiles are only accessible to caregivers and individual employee.

We arrange health checkups for employees every year. In 2022, a total of 384 employees were qualified for the checkup. Except for two employees on parental leave , in pregnancy, or for personal reasons, a total of 382 employees did received the checkup. The results placed 232 employees at grade 2 and 51 employees at grade 3. Based on the key items including cardiovascular and digestive system problems, checkup results are classified into three grades. As grade 2 is less critical, health education is arranged for the abnormal items. However, compulsory treatment and monthly follow-up are requested for grade 3 cases. Apart from arranging interviews with the factory health professionals for them, we also consider the need for job accommodation. In 2022 we arranged in-house physician consultation for 75 employees.

For employees involved in special hazardous operations, we ask them to go through additional health examinations due to their exposure to noise, dust, or high temperature. Checkup hospitals classify checkup results into four grades and issue the checkup reports. Grade 1 cases are normal. Health education implemented orally or by health education emails or leaflets will be arranged for Grade 2 cases. Compulsory treatment and follow-up and grade verification are requested for Grade 3 cases. In 2022, special health checkups were arranged for 190 employees. The results show that there were 19 Grade 3 cases suffering from noise hazards, 28 Grade 2 cases suffering from dust hazards, and 27 Grade 2 cases suffering from high-temperature hazards. They all were referred to occupational medicine specialists for further assessment and diagnosis.

Process innovation: Ergonomic improvement with self-made jig (tools)

One part of the retraction lifeline of a SRL range needed “manual line winding”. As this part of line is long, sore hand occurs easily after long-time hand winding. After in-depth research, we optimized the process with electric winding and enhance protection with a protective cover and buffer. After the process improvement, apart from speeding up the winding for products of all sizes by 5 seconds, we receive no more “sore hand” complaint from employees at that station.

Before improvement (manual winding)
After improvement (electric winding)

Program for Preventing Abnormal Workload-Triggered Disorders

With regard to the workload and mental health condition of employees, we ask them to fill in the scale for analysis. In 2022 a total of 345 employees filled out the scale. Additionally, in consideration of likelihood of cardiovascular diseases of employees in the next decade, we divided the score into four categories: good minor, moderate, and serious. In 2022, a total of 23 employees were found to be recommended for consultation and in need of consultation, and we had already arranged for them to be checked by the resident physician. We have also been tracking their record for receiving treatment and whether they were in need of adjustment in terms of work before relaying the physician’s recommendation to the Human Resource Department for relevant assessments/adjustments to be made. For employees suffering from excessive stress, we have planned specific health promotional classes to help them alleviate their stress and feeling of burden. We would refer them to the Company’s employee assistance program (EAP) for more personalized assistance for employees who require further assistance.

  • Workout environment

    Internal resources: In additional to the gym of nearly 530m2 on the second floor of the administration building equipped with 60 sets of various fitness equipment, we have also built a yoga classroom on the 4th floor. Employees are entitled to the free use of the said facilities for indoor training after work. Apart from making full use of the gym equipment, we also hire professional trainers to give classes in the premises. In 2022 aerobic and muscle strength training classes were given weekly.
    External resources: In 2021 and 2022, we signed contracts with the Chaoma Civil Sports Center and North District Sports Center for employees to use the facilities there with discounts.

  • Health talks

    To encourage employees to value the health of themselves and their family and enrich their health knowledge, we organized two health talks to share with them “how to take care of atopic dermatitis” and “embracing joint health with daily care” through medical specialists.

  • Blood donation

    We organized blood donations in collaboration with the Taichung Blood Center. In 2022 a total of 51 employees joined the activity and donated 75 bags of blood, each 250-ml.

  • Carbon reduction for Earth: Walking Campaign

    To encourage employees to exercise regularly in the daily life, we combined power walking with World Earth Day in one eight-week walking campaign. Through the concerted efforts of all employees, we completed a total of 117,595,583 steps, equivalent to 68.6 rounds of Taiwan and 2.05 rounds of Earth.

  • Physical fitness test

    We organized the physical fitness test in collaboration with external fitness centers to give exercise advice to employees. Together with the weekly aerobic and muscle strength classes, we encouraged employees to exercise based on the test results so as to understand the progress of their training and motivate themselves to exercise.

  • Employee club activities

    We have established the mountaineering club, road-running club, and badminton club with about 105 members, including many section managers and officers of higher ranks, as well as foreign employees. Regardless of position, age, and nationality, they promote friendship with one another and exercise. We also fund one time of external training each month for each club.


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