Corporate Sustainability Rreport

Talent development

n-depth Talent Development and Nurturing

Here at YOKE, we emphasize holistic learning and development for employees. By taking the Company’s vision and mission into account and through the analyses of the internal/external operating environment (i.e. Porter’s five forces analysis, SWOT analysis, TOWS analysis and so forth), we were able to formulate our business strategies, from which we derive our short, medium and long-term development plans.

Our annual training plan is formulated each year in November based on the need for internal/external training submitted by different departments and YOKE’s annual development plan in conjunction with our internal On the Job (OJT) training to boost employees’ professional competence.

In addition, YOKE has also sought to further improve employees’ career development and capabilities through our instructor training mechanism. For key talents, the Company implements specific talent evaluation to assess an individual’s competence, aptitude and traits before arranging for 1-on-1 counseling with senior managers to routinely track and evaluate the outcome of talent training.

In 2020, YOKE invested approximately NTD 710,000 in training and the average cost of training for per person came to NTD 1,758, a substantial reduction of NTD 7,909 compared to that of 2019.Due to considerations for COVID-19, the Company wanted to reduce the frequency of events or activities that require employees to gather in groups, the number of training courses had thus been reduced.  On top of that, our online training platform was officially launched in 2020. At present, relevant processes such as registration for internal training, post-training evaluation, certificate and external training record management are all available electronically.