Corporate Sustainability Rreport

Analysis of material issues for disclosure

Analysis of material issues for disclosure

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Gathering of sustainability issues

In order to be able to understand the concerns and anticipations that stakeholders have about sustainability issues of YOKE, the GRI sustainability report principles and properties of the manufacturing sector were referred to and related external information on sustainability reports was collected; the 14-item sustainability issue survey was prepared. These questionnaires were issued to stakeholders through responsible departments; a total of 224 responses were recovered. We were able to identify issues that were of material concern to stakeholders. s

Level of concern survey

The recovered questionnaires on sustainability issues for stakeholders were analyzed statistically to establish levels of concern of key stakeholders. The results were distributed to 9 of YOKE's senior officers for reference. Meanwhile, questionnaires were issued to senior officers to assess the level of impact each sustainability issue might have on YOKE from an economic, environmental and social perspective.

Determining material issues for disclosure

Summarizing the concerns of key stakeholders and sustainability issues to assess YOKE’s economic/environmental/social operational impact, we listed 10 material issues for disclosure. In light of the growing concern for climate changes, we also provided additional disclosure for “climate change response.” These 11 material issues have been identified as the basis of material issue disclosure in our 2020 sustainability report.


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