Corporate Sustainability Rreport

Analysis of material issues for disclosure

Analysis of material issues for disclosure

Identify actual and potential impacts

SDC and the relevant core officers analyzed the impacts of the above 19 sustainability issues to identify the significance of the actual or potential and positive and negative impacts of our operations on the economy, environment, and people, including on their human rights.

Investigate the tension of stakeholders

We distributed questionnaires to key stakeholder groups to investigate the tension of sustainability issues of each stakeholder group. Based on the 165 valid responses, we analyzed and consolidated the results and output the prioritization of sustainability issues that concerned each stakeholder groups for the management to understand the tension of individual sustainability issues on stakeholders.

Top 3 Concerned Issues of

Individual Stakeholder Groups

ShareholderClimate strategyTalents attraction and retentionOccupational safety and healthSupplierEthical corporate managementSustainable supply chainInformation securityCustomerTalents attraction and retentionOccupational safety and healthQuality manage-mentEmployeeOccupational safety and healthQuality manage-mentTalents attraction and retentionTop 3 Concerned Issues of Individual Stakeholder Groups

Prioritize material issues for disclosure

After the comprehensive discussion and assessment of the results of impact analysis of sustainability issues, we prioritized the following ten material issues for disclosures: ethical corporate management, sustainable supply chain, innovative management, quality management, product responsibility, talent attraction and retention, human capital development, occupational safety and health, information security, and climate strategy. Although “climate strategy” was originally not a material issue as per the matrix analysis, in consideration of the trend of net zero emissions, after discussion officers at the meeting decided to include it as an issue required priority concern and management as in the previous years.


Safety is our first priority and
core CSR value

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