Corporate Sustainability Rreport

Issue analysis

Analysis of important issues

Collect Sustainability Issues

To understand stakeholders' concerns and expectations toward sustainability issues, YOKE has designed a questionnaire in reference to GRI guidelines, the Company's characteristics as a manufacturer and sustainability reports prepared by other parties, which covered a total of 14 sustainability issues. These questionnaires were issued to stakeholders through responsible departments; a total of 158 responses were recovered, based on which we were able to identify issues that were of material concern to stakeholders.

Level of concern survey

The recovered questionnaires were analyzed statistically to establish levels of concern of key stakeholders. The results were disseminated to 6 of YOKE's senior officers for reference. Meanwhile, questionnaires were issued to senior officers to assess the level of impact each sustainability issue has on YOKE, from an economic, environmental and social perspective.

Determining sustainability issues of material concern

After consolidating key stakeholders' responses on levels of concern and explaining results to YOKE's senior officers, the senior officers were asked to rate the level of impact each sustainability issue has on YOKE's operations. The results of the questionnaire were converted into a scale of 9 and presented in a graph showing 8 material issues. In consideration of environmental protection and our insistence on driving mutual growth for our supply chain, supplementary disclosure was made on the issues of “Efficient use of energy/resource in production procedures” and “Traceability and localized procurement”. A total of 10 material issues have been disclosed in the 2018 sustainability report.

Safety is our first priority and
core CSR value

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