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Product overview

History of product development

We have adopted both progressive and leapfrog R&D for next-gen technologies to develop products with different specifications based on our observation of product application in different domains to enhance our products’ added value while consolidating our market presence and expanding our market for product application. 

Major products are divided into two series: 8 series and N series metal-processed products. Due to the big product differences of each series, the production volume of each series is disclosed by weight.

History of material development

The strength and hardness of steel are the foundation of product quality. We maintain continuous materials R&D to develop industry-leading high-strength alloy steel to broaden the scope of applications.


Strength 800 Mpa
HRC 21

At the initial phase of manufacturing, YOKE used general market standard steel with strength and hardness, both compliant with the EN1677 specification.


Strength 1000 Mpa
HRC 43

Through material upgrades, YOKE became the first manufacturer to distribute Grade 1000 industrial safety hooks in Asia.


Strength 1200 Mpa
HRC 48

YOKE is one of the only four manufacturers in the world (and the only one in Asia) capable of producing Grade 1200 industrial safety hooks.

Featured patented products

Recognition by various patents for focus on the technological optimization in industrial safety and continuous investment in R&D capacity.


Product Overview

The main products can be divided into two series of metal processing products such as "8-series" and "N-series".

"8-series" are industrial lifting hooks and accessories to ensure the safety of operations.

"N-series" are safety components for fall protection and accessories to protect personal safety in high altitude areas.

8 series products

The Company has been distributing its “8-series” products under its original brand of “YOKE,” and these products are mainly used in the chains, iron cables and lifting belts related to the handling and moving operations required by the working environment. In addition to setting up subsidiaries in China and Vietnam, we have also established JVs in Germany, South Korea, Thailand, and Singapore to continue expansion to the global market. Currently we collaborate with 98 distributors in 42 countries to provide customers with comprehensive channels and services.

In 2022, lifting component fittings were the most important product category in the 8 series, accounting for 46.19% of the annual revenue of 8 Series products. They covered the Grade 80, Grade 100, and Grade 120 SRL fittings. In the past two years, Grade 100 products have replaced the Grade 80 products to become the mainstream products.

When economic activities gradually recovered worldwide in the post-COVID era, the demand for lifting fittings has been increasing, and the 2022 order volume increased significantly by 17% over 2021. The rising safety demand and replacement rate and broader industrial applications are current market trends of related products. With the advantage in independent development, we reduce the long-term pain of industries and create new safety value through “digitization”.


Product category

  • Swivel hoist hook
  • Shackle
  • Angular contact Swivel
  • Grade 80 lifting chain fitting
  • Grade 100 lifting chain fitting
  • Wire rope clip
  • lifting point
  • Yellow snatch block


  • Offshore/Marine ship yard
  • Construction
  • Material handling
  • Mining
  • Mold and die
  • Wind energy



N series products

The “N-series” products are combinations of hardware fittings designed mainly for personal work safety. We supply entire sets of equipment and components to the world’s major personal safety equipment brands. Components of safety protection devices include aluminum fittings, hooks, tope snaps, D rings, buckles, and adjusters. Each component plays an important role in the protective devices worn by end-users. As a long-term suppliers of OEM parts for branded manufacturers, we ensure steady supply. The proportion of component sales accounts for 66.70% of the N-series’ annual revenues, with rope snaps being the highest.

Product category

  • Rope snaps (type increase)
  • D rings/buckles/adjusters
  • Steel/Aluminum components
  • Carabiners
  • Self retracting lifeline (SRL)

Safety is our first priority and
core CSR value

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