Sourcing of

Outstanding Talents

Sourcing of Outstanding Talents

Protection of Human Rights

We maintain respect and equality for employees. Hence, we abide by the relevant labor domestic laws and regulations and do not compel or threaten employees to work against their will by force, coercion, detention, or other illegal means. Apart from giving jobseekers equal job opportunity in accordance with the Employment Service Act, we stipulate in the Regulations for Recruitment and Employment that there will be no differential treatment in the recruitment, labor conditions, promotion and transfer, training, and benefits based on race, social class, thought, religion, political party, place of birth, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, appearance, and disabilities. The company disallows any discrimination in the workplace and has sexual harassment prevention and control measures in place and offers ways for the victims to file complaints in order to ensure a sexual harassment-free workplace for its people and for any job seekers. Employees can file complaints about infringed rights or improper treatment that cannot be reasonably addressed. Additionally, we have also included ESG advocacy in the orientation training for new employees to better understand environmental sustainability and corporate sustainability through the concise course contents. We have also included the prevention and grievance mechanisms for workplace violence (bullying) in the course.

To progressively improve the work environment and accommodation for foreign employees, we have also established internal management systems and grievance channels for foreign employees and promoted them in the weekly morning assembly. On the foreign worker online service platform of human resources agencies, we have provided information relating to our work rules and important announcements, legal information, disease prevention publicity, occupational safety and health publicity videos and so forth, and alongside the resources for emergency contacts, clinic registration card, language learning, and other services. Through this online service platform, we help foreign workers adapt to the local life and improve existing communication channels. We also provide foreign workers with the same domestic travel benefit as local employees.

Through our commitment to build a workplace environment with mutual respect and equality, no complaint about discrimination or harassment was reported in 2022. In 2023 we will establish the human rights policy and code of conduct with reference to the international human rights principles and standards and then conduct due diligence investigation of human rights.


Overview of Manpower

Full-time employment is our basic employment policy. By the end of 2022, neither contract employee nor time-guaranteed employee has been hired. Additionally, no child labor (under 16 years old) has even been hired. All employment have undergone strict interviews and age checks.

By the end of 2022, we have a total of 472 employees, including 449 employees at Taiwan HQ, 21 full-time employees at Yoke Lifting Equipment Shanghai, and two employees at Yoke Vietnam Co., Ltd. We hire local employees for all subsidiaries, with a local employment rate of 100%.

At Taiwan HQ, there were 149 full-time female employees (accounting for 33.18% of all employees). As factory jobs are labor-intensive, most direct labor was male (230 employees, accounting for 82.73% of all employees). After deducting the number of direct labor, the proportion of female employees (59.06%) was higher than that of male employees, and the proportion of female supervisors was up to 42.67%. In addition, over one half of employees hold a university or higher degree, accounting for 58.80% of all employees.

Among the 449 employees at Taiwan HQ, there were 105 Filipino and Thai foreign workers (direct labor), two indirect-labor supervisors (one British and one American), and three FAEs (one Indian, one Canadian, and one Mexican). At Taiwan HQ, the proportion of Taiwanese senior officers was 80.00%. In the Chinese and Vietnamese subsidiaries, all employees were local citizens.

The security work and cleaning service of Taiwan HQ have been sourced to professional service providers. In 2022, there were two cleaners and three security guards dispatched by these service providers.

Mentoring system

Establish a standard operating procedure for the mentorship system, including preparation for new personnel before reporting to work, job adaptation/acceptance, education and training, and care methods, and other procedures to establish clear practices to avoid excessive differences in the practices of different departments. New employees shall go through their “new employee care” process during the 2nd week after they have come onboard by having a 1-on-1 interview with their supervisor, who will take note of their feedback and follow up and make relevant improvements based on the feedback given. In 2022, we promoted the new employee conference for two-way communication to further listen to and give feedback to employees and provide them with care and assistance.

Employee turnover

In 2022 there were 159 new employees, with a higher rate over 2021 of new employee hires at 35.41% to meet the production capacity demand. We also introduced the new employee conference in 2022 to listen their opinion and needs and ease their doubts. Additionally, new employees of different departments could exchange opinions at the conference to facilitate them to adapt to life at YOKE earlier. In 2022 we also improved the skills and raised the sense of honor of employees through measures including total participation in the improvement suggestion system, ergonomic improvement, and skill certification optimization. By doing so, we aim to build a more efficient operating environment through human-machine collaboration. The number and rate of employee turnover in 2022 were 115 employees and 25.61% respectively. The turnover rate reduced from 32.68% of 2021.

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