Implement employee care


Implement employee care

Compensation Management

YOKE provides salaries according to the nature of work and experience, to provide employees with a market competitive salary. In addition to the minimum basic wage of the Labor Standards Act for foreign migrant workers, the starting salary for the most junior employees with no relevant work experience was NT$32,000 in 2021, regardless of gender, which is 1.33 times the minimum wage of NT$24,000 under the Labor Standards Act in 2021. The salary standard table is revised to ensure that the salary standard is competitive in the market, the average salary we offer for regular employees is at the market median (P50), while our key talent salary standard is ahead of the market (P75). Our margin for wage increase is set every year, with personal performance taken into account so that the better you perform, the more you receive. Our average wage adjustment had been around 3.38% in recent years. Using all employees’ basic monthly wage as the basis to calculate wage difference by gender, we took managers, specialists and direct employees as the cutoff for differentiation and our wage differences for different job tiers fell nicely within the 10% margin from one job tier to the next. In addition, for the retirement fund, the actuary assessment report each year is prepared according to international accounting principles. For employees choosing the old system, 2 to 15% of their monthly salaries would be set aside as the retirement fund to the exclusive account with the Bank of Taiwan.

As of 2021, we had already set aside the sufficient contribution to be made to the retirement fund in full. For employees to whom the new system applies, on the other hand, 6% of their monthly salary will be set aside to their personal retirement fund account as required by law.

Incentive system

Various goals and targets have been set with bonus payments to incentivize relevant employees in different ways, thereby facilitating inter-departmental cooperation and help employees reach their full potential.

Description Description
Year-end bonus Year-end bonuses are determined based on the annual revenue and target achievement level each year to motivate employees to grow.
Sales bonus The Sales Department sets specific sales targets and bonuses are awarded to employees who met their target.
Patent bonus The R&D Department sets specific goals for patent application and bonuses paid to employees when the patents in question have been awarded.
Recommendation bonus Bonuses are available for employee recommendations and self-recommendation by new employees.
Competition bonus When inter-departmental project teams achieve a specific given target, participants will receive bonus incentives (i.e. CIT bonus, TPM bonus)
Role model commendation Model Employee of the Year is publicly commended by the Company each year on Labor Day and the chosen employee will receive a medal along with the bonus
Seniority bonus At the end of each year, seniority bonus along with a gold token of appreciation is given to senior staffs who have worked at YOKE for more than five years


In addition to the benefits provided through Employee Welfare Committee, YOKE has been offering perks that are superior to those offered by our competitors and fellow tenants at the industrial park. It is our hope to give every employee the opportunity to work in a comfortable, elegant and stress-free environment through our employee care.

Employee satisfaction

 YOKE has not established a union, nor is there a group agreement in place. In order to protect the rights and interests of employees, we have implemented a healthy two-way communication mechanism by holding regular labor-management meetings, welfare committee meetings, and employee suggestion boxes. In addition, we hold daily meetings with all employees to promote company policies. For new employees, we arrange "work attitude and concept" education training, taught by the general manager, to pass on the correct work attitude and 5A core values, and to conduct two-way communication and exchange. If there is a significant risk in operation, we will inform the relevant employees in accordance with the minimum notice time of relevant laws and regulations, and there is no significant change in operation in 2021

  • Food

    Free lunch (under the supervision of the Meal committee), and free dinner for those working overtime; cookies, drinks, candies, and chocolate in the pantry and conference rooms

  • Clothing

    Safety shoes, uniforms, summer POLO shirts, winter coats, and wool vest

  • Education

    Health workshops, arts and cultural workshops

  • Entertainment

    Family day (held once every five years), Mid-Autumn Festival party, year-end party, singing contests

  • Annual Leave

    Full-paid 5-day and 7-day maternity leave (not mandated by law)

  • Group Insurance

    Life insurance NTD 500,000, accident insurance NTD 2 million, accident health coverage NTD 20,000, and accident hospitalized daily reimbursement

  • Health Examination

    Annual health examination and additional advanced health examination for employees that have worked at the Company for 5 years or its multiples

  • Full-term Gifts

    For employees that have worked for the company for 5 years or its multiples, they will receive a gold ring or gold necklace, among other presents and gift money during the year-end party.

  • Subsidies From the Welfare Committee

    For three major festivals, weddings, childbirth, hospitalization, funerals, and intra-departmental parties

  • Travel Subsidies

    Employees who have completed one year of service at the Company shall receive a full subsidy for local travel and a subsidy of NTD 6000 for overseas travel.

  • Subsidies for Societies

    According to the number of members registered for the society


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