grievance mechanism

Compliance and grievance mechanism


YOKE complies with domestic regulations in all its business operations. The Company also pays constant attention to policy trends, and reviews and revises internal policies or procedures where applicable to conform with the latest regulations. As a result, YOKE has been able to monitor and respond appropriately to changes in key policies and laws, whether local or abroad. YOKE had complied with pertinent laws and internal policies on economic, environmental and social aspects throughout 2020. There had been no violation concerning anti-corruption, finance, marketing communication, product information/labeling, labor laws or environment, and neither was the Company fined by competent authority for any violation. With regards to product specifications, YOKE has an R&D Department that keeps a close eye on the world's standard developers and maintains good interaction with them to obtain news on the latest changes. As soon as new standards are issued, the Company conducts internal product reviews and makes design changes accordingly in order to deliver products with up-to-date specifications to customers.

Grievance system

YOKE has opinion boxes, e-mail, and sexual harassment complaint hotline available for employees to raise opinions or complaints. New employees may also provide their input during the orientation seminar. All opinions are collected and verified by the Human Resource Department before they are forwarded to relevant personnel of the responsible department. Replies are made collectively by the Human Resource Department. External parties can also lodge a complaint or provide their input via the “Contact us” section on YOKE’s website. In addition to classifying opinions by stakeholders' issues of concern (i.e. sales, procurement, human resource) and assigning dedicated personnel to collect and handle each category, feedbacks relating to internal misconducts such as corruption are directed to senior officers for confidentiality and more effective investigation/handling in the future. We had received zero complaints in 2020.


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