business strategies

Business strategies

Demonstrating “safety” and “sustainability” achievements to the world is our unchanged missions and goals. From technology, products, processes, organizations, to marketing, our pursuit of continual improvement of sustainable safety value is evident.

We demonstrate both leadership and innovative thinking in technology and products. To continuously pursue a business model that brings new value to “safety”, in addition to the R&D and patent deployment of materials strength and structure design, as an integrated innovator of the industrial safety industry, we have got a head start over digital solutions in recent years to extend “safety” from products to onsite applications to eliminate the long-term potential crisis and pain point of using paper records for maintenance and inspections in industrial lifting operation to start a silent reform in the traditional lifting component industry to renew the industrial thinking with digital technology.

Domestically, through the “people-oriented” digital transformation in 2016, we progressively developed a “continual improvement culture” with the Continual Improvement Team (CIT), established the common language for the Eight Disciplines (8D) Problem Solving, improved the problem discovery and solving capabilities of employees to enhance production efficiency while empowering employees at the same time. Over the years, we have been introducing various digital tools to support domestic product development and improve the manufacturing process control and extending them to CRM and supplier management so as to assist employees in enhancing work efficiency and improving service equality and develop a quality culture with positive thinking with digital tools.

"Quality products, competitive prices, fast in, and fast out” is our business strategy. "Quality products and competitive prices” means to remove excessive quality, provide customers with internationally certified products, and remove unnecessary waste to produce products meeting international safety standards with competitive prices. "Fast in and fast out" means to provide quality products for customers to distribute around the world through customer and channel deployment, and give value back to the customers using the supply chain pricing strategy to maintain a steady partnership with customers and suppliers to achieve smooth, unfettered, and efficient distribution.

ERPHCMBOMESPLMSPCCRMYOKE4.0SCMModularizationProduct platform+application integrationYRDCQSServicePDFast-out Fast-inWDC WDC WDC WDC WDC WDC WDCFunction-orientedorganizationLearning-orientedorganizationCITTotal quality management systemTPMProduct research and developmentProduct lineProduct qualityDigital innovative management platformHigh-performanceManagement teamProduct brandingN series - industrial safety hardware components (OEM)8 series - alloy steel lifting hook (Private brand)SRL series-protectable structureDevelopment for high-strength alloy steel materialPatent deployment research and analysisStrengthen mechanical and structural designFlash butt welding-based production technologyJVC strategic alliance modelPlatform channel distributionField Application Engineering (FAE) teamYOKEs distribution model for its original brandEnterprise resourceintegration systemForecast of sales and control of production planTechnologyProductProcessOrganizationMarketing

Safety is our first priority and
core CSR value

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