business strategies

Business strategies

YOKE has transitioned from the current technology generation of Grade 80 to Grade 100 products, and the portion of sales for Grade 100 products in 2019 had already surpassed Grade 80. It will become the foundation of YOKE’s growth in safety lifting hooks in the next decade. Rather than focusing on pricing and costs, the Company's plans for future growth will pivot on creating values and innovation. In terms of operational strategy, YOKE adopts an innovative approach that emphasizes "quality product, competitive pricing, fast in and fast out." The idea of "quality product and competitive pricing" refers to making products that meet customers' requirements and international safety standards without excess quality and unnecessary wastage for more competitive pricing. "Fast in and fast out" refers to delivering quality products, helping customers distribute products to the rest of the world, and giving value back to the customers using supply chain pricing strategy. This maintains a strong working relationship with customers and suppliers for more efficient and smooth-running distribution.

未命名-1QSPDYRDCDevelopment for high-strength alloy steel materialPatent deployment research and analysisStrengthen mechanical and structural designFlash butt welding-based production technologyN series - industrial safety hardware components (OEM)8 series - alloy steel lifting hook (Private brand)SRL series-protectable structureModularizationProduct platform+application integrationYOKEs distribution model for its original brandEnterprise resourceintegration systemForecast of sales and control of production planJVC strategic alliance modelPlatform channel distributionField Application Engineering (FAE) teamCITTotal quality management systemTPMFunction-orientedorganizationLearning-orientedorganizationTeaching-orientedorganizationInnovation-orientedorganizationHigh-qualityTrainingCompetitively pricedFast-out Fast-inWDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWDC

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