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Management process flow

Sustainable Development Organization and Management

Sustainable Development Committee

YOKE established its Sustainable Development Committee in 2019, with the chairman as the chairman and the general manager serving as the vice chairman. They preside over four major areas of the Company’s operation, with directors or higher-ranking managers serving in the committee as its members representing relevant departments. The Committee holds the Sustainable Strategy Meeting in October each year to establish targets based on material issues of disclosure, with each group launching a corresponding course of action. The Committee also meets quarterly to report on the implementation for various objectives. In addition, we have also arranged regular workshops on relevant topics of sustainability for the committee so that committee members can gain more knowledge on sustainability and learn from other benchmark enterprises. In an effort to fortify YOKE employees’ awareness of corporate sustainability values, we had also incorporated introductory training on corporate sustainability in our orientation training for new employees starting from November 2019 in the hopes of strengthening the concept of sustainable corporate development for all YOKE employees.

未命名-1ChairmanSteven Hong, Chairman Integrity in business ethics Good corporate governance and financial performanceCorporateGovernanceFinance Dep Forming a fair and reasonable labor-employer relationship Respecting and treating employees' human rights Disposal and promotion of waste resources Learning and growth in the workplace Safety and hygiene in the workplace Promote social harmony and integrationSocialInclusionHuman ResourceDepartment Climate change response Effective use of energy resources in the manufacturing process Disposal and improvement of waste resourcesGreenInitiativesManufacturing Responsible product sales and safety commitmentSustainableProducts Product R&DDepartmentResponsibleSupply Chain Procurement Dept Traceability management and local sourcingVice-ChairmanTom Lin,General Manager

Identification of material issues for disclosure

YOKE follows the GRI sustainability reporting principles for the guideline of reporting, conducts a six-step collegial process, follows the principles of stakeholder inclusion, traces of sustainability, significance and integrity during each of the following stages. This enables us to identify the major stakeholders and material issues of concern and the boundaries of information disclosure for this report.


Identify key stakeholders

Identified six major types of key stakeholders


Gathering of sustainability issues

Summarized 14 sustainability issues through a questionnaire


Survey for level of concern

Recovered 224 questionnaires on sustainability issues


Analysis of impact on YOKE’s operation

9 senior managers assessed the impact of relevant sustainability issues


Determine the material issues for disclosure

Verified 11 material topics to be disclosed


Corresponding GRI material issues

Established connection between the chosen topics to the 17 SDGs and 38 disclosure indicators


Safety is our first priority and
core CSR value

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