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Technical services

Ever since YOKE officially introduced formal technical support personnel (FAE) in 2017, our team of FAE has grown to have three members as of 2021 and the scope of their services has thus expanded to U.S., Canada, China, India and the Middle East. We had also included three FAEs in the corporate structure for our newly established subsidiary in Vietnam to better serve the local market. The primary mission for FAE is to help local distributors in different regions to learn more about YOKE products and their proper operation for our distributors. Through localized training and communication, our customers’ marketing team will learn more about pertinent regulations and standards such as EN1677, ASME B30 and so forth. Our distributors and end-users will be adequately primed to use our hooks in optimal condition and operations through the instruction and demonstration of specialists. The involvement of our FAE team not only improves customer service quality and product stability but also enhances distributors' knowledge about YOKE products.


Customer satisfaction

Each year, the 8 Sales Department chooses the top 35 existing customers, top 3 new customers and specific key customers for further development based on annual sales ranking. In comparison, the N Sales Department picks 7 existing top customers from various regions and all new customers from the current year to take part in the customer satisfaction survey. In 2020, we introduced electronic questionnaires that were automatically sent to the intended recipients through our CRM system to save time spent on handling physical questionnaires while verifying whether our customers have clicked and read our notification to effectively increase the questionnaire completion rate. The questionnaires were collected and analyzed to generate a report presented during the monthly quality meeting for review.

In 2021, 90 customer satisfaction surveys (8 Series: 38, N Series: 52) were sent out and 62 (8 Series: 27, N Series: 35) responses were collected. 88% of existing customers were satisfied with 8 series customers, 98% of new customers, and a slight decline in the satisfaction of old customers, mainly because they were not satisfied with the stability of supply and return and replacement services. In 2022, after our review of supply stability that have not met customer expectations, we have initiated the planned production for key products so that procurement, production management, and the field can do procurement and production planning more efficiently to improve the problem of on-time delivery. In addition, some of the returns and exchanges cannot be replenished as scheduled due to capacity constraints and there are no local stocking warehouses, so we have planned to increase the number of consignment points for key countries so that our customers can receive timely assistance in returns and replenishment in the future. In contrast, satisfaction for both existing and new customers for our N Sales Department remained over 90% and we will continue to work on increasing their overall delivery satisfaction while reducing the lead time for new product development so that we will be able to maintain and improve our performance in customer satisfaction.

Complaint handling

As soon as customers provide their feedback, a responsible sales representative would create an entry of Customer Voice (CV) in the system and provide a preliminary response within 24 hours. Meanwhile, the Company will convene a review meeting within three days upon receiving the complaint to determine the responsible department and how the complaint shall be rectified and resolved. The customer would then be notified of how the Company has handled the complaint before closing the case. If the issue in question had compromised safety or functionality, a separate Correction Action Report (CAR) would be issued to activate the abnormal quality management process. Once issued, the CAR can only be closed after corrections are proven to have been made and passed review.


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