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Technical services

Since the introduction of the field application engineer (FAE) service in 2017, the number of FAE team members has increased to four in 2022, and the scope of service has expanded to the U.S., Mexico, Canada, China, India, and the Middle East. We have also equipped two FAEs in the Vietnam subsidiary to provide field application services for the Vietnamese market. The mission of FAE is to let regional distributors understand and correctly use YOKE products. By offering regional education and training, FAEs enable customers’ sales teams to understand specifications and standards such as the EN 1677 (Components For Slings - Safety) and ASME B30 (Safety Standard for Cranes and Related Equipment). Through the education and communication of FAEs, customers can maintain the optimal use and optimal condition of YOKE industrial lifting components. The involvement of our FAE team not only improves customer service quality and product stability but also enhances distributors' knowledge about YOKE products.

Customer satisfaction

Each year, the 8 Sales Department selects the top 35 existing customers, top 3 new customers, and specific key customers for further development based on annual sales ranking. In comparison, the N Sales Department picks 7 existing top customers from various regions and all new customers from the current year to take part in the customer satisfaction survey. In 2020, we introduced the electronic questionnaire automatically delivered through the CRM system to save time and verify the status of customer clicks to effectively enhance the response rate. The questionnaires were collected and analyzed to generate a report presented during the monthly quality meeting for review.

In 2022, we distributed 92 customer satisfaction questionnaires (8 series: 38 and N series: 54) and collected 58 responses (8 series: 24 and N series: 34). The satisfaction with 8 series increased from 88% in 2021 to 92% in 2022, and the satisfaction of new customers increased from 98% to 99%. The satisfaction of both existing and new customers of the N Sales Department maintained at over 92%. With regard to the dissatisfaction over the delivery time of new products as a result of the longer development time and customer communication time, we will continue to shorten the development time of new products to continuously enhance customer satisfaction.

Complaint handling

As soon as customers provide their feedback, a responsible sales representative would create an entry of Customer Voice (CV) in the system and provide a preliminary response within 24 hours. Meanwhile, the Company will convene a review meeting within three days upon receiving the complaint to determine the responsible department and how the complaint shall be rectified and resolved. The customer would then be notified of how the Company has handled the complaint before closing the case. If the issue in question had compromised safety or functionality, a separate Correction Action Report (CAR) would be issued to activate the abnormal quality management process. Once issued, the CAR can only be closed after corrections are proven to have been made and passed review.


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